Norman Hudis Biography (1922-)

Born July 27, 1922; son of Isaac (a tailoring production manager) and Beulah(Reuben) Hudis; married Marguerita Robinson (a registered nurse and technicaladvisor), April 28, 1956; children: Stephen Robin, Kevin Franklin. Addresses: AGENT--Triad Artists Inc., 10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA90067; England: Eric Glass Ltd., 28 Berkeley Square, London W1X 6HD, England.

Norman Hudis wrote to CTFT about his career: "From childhood I always wantedto write. A newspaper reporter at sixteen in London, war correspondent whilein the Royal Air Force, and publicity director for post war British films, Imoved on to scripting and have been there ever since. To sum up, I have beenfortunate enough to write everything, seemingly satisfactorily, from broad farce to the Bible. I intend to write 'til I die."


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