Pallavera Soldati Biography (1906-1999)

Born November 16, 1906, in Turin, Italy; died June 19, 1999, in Italy; married Marion Rieckelman, May, 1931 (marriage ended, 1934); married Giuliana Kellermann; children: (first marriage) three; (second marriage) three. Career: Director and writer. Columbia University, instructor, c. 1930. Awards,Honors: Third Prize, Turin Catholic Youth Federation, 1924, for Pilato; Columbia University, fellowship, 1929-31, then honorary D.Litt.; Premio Strega, 1954, for La Lettere da Capri; Campiello Prize, Campiello Foundation, c. 1970, for L'Attore; Naples Prize for Literature, Fondazione Premio Napoli, c. 1977, for La Sposa Americana..

Director, writer
Birth Details
November 16, 1906
Turin, Italy
Death Details
June 19, 1999

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