Christine Norden Biography (1924-)

Born Mary Lydia Thornton, December 28, 1924, in Sunderland, England; daughterof Charles Hunter and Catherine (McAloon) Thornton; married Norman Cole (a musician and orchestra leader), May 6, 1944 (divorced, 1947); married Jack Clayton (a film director), December 13, 1947 (divorced, 1953); married MitchellDodge (a master sergeant in the United States Air Force), July 4, 1953 (divorced, 1955); married Herbert Hecht (a musical stage director), November 21, 1956 (divorced, 1961); married George Heselden (a mathematician), March 20, 1980; children: Michael Glenn (first marriage). Addresses: AGENT--VincentShaw, Vincent Shaw Associates, 20 Jay Mews, London SW7 2EP, England.

Birth Details
December 28, 1924
Sunderland, England

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