Eve Merriam Biography (1916-)

Addresses: Home: 101 W. 12th Street, New York, New York, United States10011.

,"I am fortunate in that my work is my main pleasure, and, while I find all forms of writing absorbing, I like poetry as the most immediate and richest form of communication. My favorite non-writing pursuits are frequenting publiclibraries and second-hand bookstores, and travel travel travel. I also enjoyriding a bike, swimming (in temperate waters only!) and walking. In my dreamsI am a proficient ice-skater--in real life, I am wobbly but willing. I expect to be the last living inhabitant of Manhattan when everyone else has quit for sub- or exurbia. The city in winter is my delight, as the ocean is in summer."

writer, playwright
Birth Details
July 19, 1916
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Famous Works

  • Non-Theatrical Career
  • Copywriter, 1939-42; radio writer, documentaries, scripts in verse, CBS,1942-46; conductor of weekly radio program on modern poetry, WQXR, New York,1942-46; daily verse column in PM, NY, 1945; feature editor, Deb, 1946; fashion copy editor, Glamour, 1947-48; free-lance magazine and book writer, 1949-present.
  • Plays, Published
  • The Club; Street Dreams, the Inner City Musical; Out of Our Fathers' House; At Her Age; Dialogue for Lovers; And I Ain't Finished Yet.
  • Poetry
  • Family Circle, 1946; Tomorrow Morning, 1953; MontgomeryAlabama: Money, Mississippi and Other Places, 1957; The Double Bed: From the Feminine Side, 1958; The Trouble with Love, 1960; ThereIs No Rhyme for Silver, 1962; It Doesn't Always Have to Rhyme,1964; Catch a Little Rhyme, 1966; Independent Voices, 1968; The Inner City Mother Goose, 1969; The Nixon Poems, 1970; Finding a Poem, 1970; I Am a Man: Ode to Martin Luther King, Jr., 1971.
  • Other Books
  • The Real Book about Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1952; The Real Bookabout Amazing Birds, 1954; Woman with a Torch, 1956; The Voiceof Liberty: The Story of Emma Lazarus, 1963; A Gaggle of Geese, 1960; Mommies at Work, 1961; Basics: An I-Can-Read-Book for Grownups, 1962; Funny Town, 1963; What's in the Middle of a Riddle, 1963; After Nora Slammed the Door, 1964; American Women in the1960's, 1964; The Unfinished Revolution, 1964; What Can YouDo with a Pocket? 1964; Small Fry, 1965; Don't Think Abouta White Bear, 1965; The Story of Benjamin Franklin, 1965; Do You Want to See Something?, 1965; Miss Tibbett's Typewriter, 1966; Andy All Year Round, 1968; Epaminondas, 1968.
  • Theatre-Related Career
  • Teacher, School of Dramatic Writing, Playwriting course, New York University, 1984; Playwright-in-residence, Ithaca College, 1979.

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