Wendy Crewson Biography (1959-)

Full name, Wendy Jane Crewson; born May 9, 1959, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; daughter of Robert Binnie and June Doreen (maiden name, Thomas) Crewson; married Michael George Murphy (an actor), March 7, 1988; children: Margaret Mary "Maggie," John Branton "Jack." Addresses: Agent: Innovative Artists,1505 Tenth St., Santa Monica, CA 90401.; Manager: Oscars Abrams Zimel &Associates, 438 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T4, Canada.; Publicist:Wallman/Ridinger PR, 1258 N. Highland Ave., Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Actress, producer
Birth Details
May 9, 1959
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Barbara/Dorigen, Skullduggery (also known as Warlock), 1983
  • Dale, Mark of Cain (also known as Identity Crisis), 1985
  • Dr. Leslie Abbott, The Doctor, Buena Vista, 1990
  • Audrey Aldrich, Folks!, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1992
  • Cassie Stewart, I'll Never Get to Heaven, 1992
  • Susan Evans, The Good Son, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1993
  • Jenny Davis, Corrina, Corrina, New Line Cinema, 1994
  • Laura Miller, The Santa Clause, Buena Vista, 1994
  • Kevin Dollof, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Triumph Films/SonyPictures Entertainment, 1996
  • Grace Marshall, Air Force One (also known as AFO), Buena Vista, 1997
  • Helen Eden, Gang Related, Metro-Goldywn-Mayer/United Artists, 1997
  • Norah Stanton, The Eighteenth Angel, Rysher Entertainment, 1998
  • Dr. Ninki Bregman, Where's Marlowe?, 1998
  • Mrs. Theresa Small, Sleeping Dogs Lie (also known as Le mystered'Ambrose Small), 1998
  • Billie, Ronnie's mom, Escape Velocity, 1998
  • Lila, Better than Chocolate (also known as Meilleur que le chocolat), Trimark, 1999
  • Ma'am Martin, Bicentennial Man (also known as Der 200 Jahre Mann), Buena Vista, 1999
  • Bernadine Mello, Mercy, New City Releasing, 2000
  • Elena, What Lies Beneath, DreamWorks, 2000
  • Natalie Gibson, The 6th Day (also known as Le sixieme jour), Columbia, 2000
  • Jackie York, Suddenly Naked (also known as Mis a nu), Pantheon Entertainment, 2001
  • Amanda Trent, Between Strangers (also known as Coeurs inconnus and Cuori estranei), First Look Entertainment Pictures, 2002
  • Patsy Willets, Perfect Pie (also known as La voie du destin), Odeon Films, 2002
  • Laura Mille, The Santa Clause 2 (also known as SC2 and The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause), Buena Vista, 2002
  • Louise Miller, The Clearing, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2004
  • Isabel Morrow, A Home at the End of the World, Warner Bros., 2004
  • Film Work
  • Co-executive producer, Suddenly Naked (also known as Mise a nu), 2001
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Home Fires (also known as Keep the Home Fires Burning), 1980-1985
  • Prosecutor Dorothy Fredericks, Night Heat, 1985
  • Blake Calisher, Hard Copy, CBS, 1986-1987
  • Gail Browning, Studio 5B, ABC, 1988
  • Maggie Steech, The Beast, ABC, 2001
  • Dr. Anne Packard, a recurring role, 24, Fox, 2003
  • Miniseries
  • Joanna Buckley, "The Girlfriend Factor," Tanner '88 (also known asTanner: A Political Fable), HBO, 1988
  • Faye Stafford, From the Earth to the Moon, HBO, 1998
  • Movies
  • Kate, War Brides, 1980
  • Kate Finch, Rona Jaffe's "Mazes and Monsters" (also known as Dungeons and Dragons and Mazes and Monsters), CBS, 1982
  • Judy, Heartsounds, ABC, 1984
  • Marlee Kramer, The Guardian, 1984
  • Hilah, My Father, My Rival, 1985
  • Irene Tremayne, Murder in Space, Showtime, 1985
  • Irene Tremayne, Murder: By Reason of Insanity (also known as MySweet Victim), 1985
  • Elizabeth, Whodunit (also known as Boat House), 1986
  • Michelle Benti, Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star, NBC, 1986
  • Laurie Michaels, A Hobo's Christmas, CBS, 1987
  • Jessica, Covert Action, 1987
  • Evelyn Fallon, Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs, CBS, 1988
  • Sophie Ware, Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (also known as Buffalo Jump), 1990
  • Dorsie Young, To Save the Children, CBS, 1994
  • Susan Silverman, Spenser: The Judas Goat, 1994
  • Ada Jordan, Lives of Girls and Women, 1994
  • Victoria Renko, Frostfire, Lifetime, 1994
  • Roberta Crachit, Ebbie, Lifetime, 1995
  • Susan Silverman, Spenser: A Savage Place, 1995
  • Sue Rodriguez, At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez (also known as Le combat de Sue Rodriguez), Lifetime, 1999
  • Gail Sterling, Question of Privilege, Lifetime, 1999
  • Virginia Baldwin, Summer's End, Showtime, 1999
  • Joanne Kilbourn, Lover and Murder (also known as Crimes et passion and Criminal Instincts: Love and Murder), CTV and Lifetime, 2000
  • Joanne Kilbourn, Deadly Appearances (also known as Criminal Instincts: Deadly Appearances and Le prix du silence), CTV and Lifetime, 2000
  • Karen, The Last Brickmaker in America, CBS, 2001
  • Joanne Kilbourn, The Wandering Soul Murders (also known as Criminal Instinct: The Wandering Soul Murders and Sur les traces de Littleflower), CTV and Lifetime, 2001
  • Joanne Kilbourn, A Colder Kind of Death (also known as CriminalInstinct: A Colder Kind of Death and Manipulation), Lifetime, 2001
  • Joanne Kilbourn, A Killing Spring, CTV, 2002
  • Sarah, The Matthew Shepard Story (also known as L'affaire Matthew Shepard), NBC, 2002
  • Joanne Kilbourn, Verdict in Blood, CTV, 2002
  • Jane Doe, The Many Trials of Jane Doe (also known as Le long combat de Jane Doe), CBC, 2002
  • McNally "Mac" Hays, An Unexpected Love (also known as This MuchI Know), Lifetime, 2003
  • Ede Kilworth, The Piano Man's Daughter (also known as La fillede l'homme au piano), 2003
  • Angela Landis, 12 Mile Road, CBS, 2003
  • Elaine Burka, Jack, Showtime, 2003
  • Pilots
  • Dana Woodrow, In the Lion's Den, CBS, 1987
  • Episodic
  • Jenny, "The Locket," The Littlest Hobo, 1981
  • Marge, "Critical Mass," Adderly, 1986
  • Wendy Nelson, "Holy Thursday," Street Legal, 1990
  • Wendy Nelson, "Spare Parts," Street Legal, 1990
  • Janet Moore, "The Bounty Hunter," Due South, 1997
  • Carolyn Bedford, "Love's Labours Lost," Black Harbour, CBC, 1997
  • Carolyn Bedford, "High Noon," Black Harbour, CBC, 1997
  • Herself, Open Mike with Mike Bullard, 2003
  • Also appeared as Wendy Nelson, "Double Agenda," Street Legal.
  • Television Associate Producer
  • Movies
  • A Killing Spring, CTV, 2001
  • Verdict in Blood, CTV, 2002

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