Andrew Lloyd Webber Biography (1948-)

Born March 22, 1948, in London, England; son of William Southcombe (a composer, music professor, and director of the London College of Music) and Jean Hermione (a piano teacher; maiden name, Johnstone) Lloyd Webber; married Sarah Jane Tudor Hugill (a singer and musician), July 24, c. 1971 (divorced, 1983);married Sarah Brightman (a singer and actress), March 22, 1984 (divorced November 5, 1990); married Madeleine Astrid "Gurtie" Gurdon (an equestrian and horse breeder), February 1, 1991 (some sources cite 1993); children: (first marriage) Imogen, Nicholas; (third marriage) Alastair Adam, William Richard, Isabella Aurora. Addresses: Office: Really Useful Co., 36 West 44th St.,Suite 600, New York, NY 10036.

Composer, producer, writer
Birth Details
March 22, 1948
London, United Kingdom

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