Avery Schreiber Biography (1935-2002)

Full name, Avery Lawrence Schreiber; born April 9, 1935, in Chicago, IL; sonof George and Minnie (Shear) Schreiber; married Rochelle Isaacs, December 16,1962; children: Jenny, Benjamin Joshua. Addresses: AGENT--Stone/Manners Agency, 9113 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069. OFFICE--Mucci, Weber, and Lagnese, 570 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 580, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Birth Details
April 9, 1935
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Death Details
January 7, 2002
Los Angeles, California

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • OFF-BROADWAY DEBUT--Ensemble, Second City at Square East, Square East Theatre, 1965.
  • Mendl, Dreyfus in Rehearsal, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, 1974.
  • Sammy Samuels, Comedians, Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles, 1977.
  • Boris Adzinidzinadze, Can-Can, Minskoff Theatre, New York City, 1981.
  • Schuppanzigh, "The Public Eye" and "Black Comedy" in Light Comedies, Center Theatre Group, Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 1984.
  • Falstaff, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, 1988.
  • Milton Meltzer, Welcome to the Club, Music Box Theatre, New York City, 1989.
  • Also appeared in Ovid's Metamorphosis, Ambassador Theatre, New York City,then in Los Angeles, both 1971; as the gravedigger, Hamlet, and title role,Volpone, both Mark Taper Forum; Tevye, Fiddler on the Roof, Pocono Playhouse,Mountainhome, PA; Dracula, Tired Blood, Chicago, IL; and in Conerico Was Here to Stay, New York City.
  • Director, How To Be a Jewish Mother, Hudson Theatre, New York City, 1967.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • Hysterium, then Pseudolus, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, U.S. cities.
  • Also title role, Wally's Cafe, dinner theatre productions throughout theU.S. and Canada.
  • Sultan, Don't Drink the Water, AVCO-Embassy, 1969.
  • Max Jordan, The Monitors, Commonwealth United Entertainment, 1969.
  • Polonski, Swashbuckler (also known as The Scarlet Buccaneer), Universal,1976.
  • used camel salesman, The Last Remake of Beau Geste, Universal, 1977.
  • zoo keeper, Scavenger Hunt, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1979.
  • Coach Fyodor Markov, The Concorde--Airport '79 (also known as Airport '79and Airport '80: The Concorde), Universal, 1979.
  • Captain Butt, Galaxina, Crown International, 1980.
  • theatre manager, Loose Shoes (also known as Coming Attractions), Atlantic, 1980.
  • Sergeant Maury Rusin, Silent Scream, American Cinema Releasing, 1980.
  • Ock, Caveman, United Artists, 1981.
  • the Boss, Deadhead Miles, filmed in 1970, released by Paramount, 1982.
  • Dr. Stevens, Jimmy the Kid, New World, 1982.
  • Constantine Constapopolis, Hunk, Crown International, 1987.
  • Also appeared in Southern Double Cross, 1973; and in Saturday the 14th Strikes Back, Concorde, 1988.
  • Captain Mancini, My Mother the Car, NBC, 1965-66.
  • regular, Our Place, CBS, 1967.
  • co-host, The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour, ABC, 1973.
  • regular, The Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine, CBS, 1974-75.
  • regular, Ben Vereen ... Comin' at Ya, NBC, 1975.
  • regular, Sammy and Company, syndicated, 1975-77.
  • regular, Sha Na Na, syndicated, 1977-78.
  • voice characterization, Smurfs, NBC, 1981-89.
  • voice characterization, Saturday Supercade (animated), CBS, 1983.
  • voice characterization, The New Jetsons (animated), syndicated, 1985.
  • voice characterization, The Flintstone Kids (also known as Captain Caveman and Sons; animated), ABC, 1986.
  • MINI-SERIES Glory Years, HBO, 1987.
  • Credits; PILOTS
  • Spivak, Operation Greasepaint, CBS, 1968.
  • Nicholas Slye, Escape, ABC, 1971.
  • co-host, The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour, ABC, 1973.
  • host, Avery Schreiber's Time Slot, syndicated, 1978.
  • Munroe, Flatbed Annie and Sweetiepie: Lady Truckers, CBS, 1979.
  • Russian ambassador, More Wild Wild West, CBS, 1980.
  • Phil Jenkins, Fast Food (also known as The Comedy Factory), ABC, 1985.
  • Credits; EPISODIC
  • Guest host, An Evening at the Improv, syndicated, 1981.
  • Jordan Kerner, Shadow Chasers (three episodes), ABC, 1985.
  • Morton Halifax, Outlaws, CBS, 1986.
  • Harry Krellman, The Wizard, CBS, 1986.
  • Also Masquerade, PBS, 1971; "Act Break," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1984; Love, American Style, ABC; The Doris Day Show, CBS; That Girl, ABC; Chico and the Man, NBC; The Muppet Show, syndicated; Fantasy Island, ABC; Love Boat, ABC; The New Love, American Style, ABC; What a Country, syndicated; The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, ABC; Down to Earth; and Rocky Road.
  • Credits; MOVIES
  • Roberto Gazzari, Second Chance, ABC, 1972.
  • announcer, Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready, NBC, 1977.
  • Credits; SPECIALS
  • Co-host, That Was the Year That Was, ABC, 1972.
  • The Perry Como Winter Show, NBC, 1973.
  • co-host, This Will Be the Year That Will Be, ABC, 1973.
  • Fabulous Funnies, NBC, 1976.
  • Lindsay Wagner--Another Side of Me, ABC, 1977.
  • Dosbergen, "The Ascent of Mt. Fuji," Hollywood Television Theatre, PBS, 1978.
  • Dorothy Hamill's Corner of the Sky, ABC, 1979.
  • All Commercials--A Steve Martin Special, NBC, 1980.
  • M & W: Men and Women, ABC, 1988.
  • Also voice characterization, Top Cat in Beverly Hills (animated); SecondCity 20th Anniversary Special.
  • God.
  • (With Jack Burns) The Burns and Schreiber Comedy Hour, ABC, 1973.
  • Writings;MOVIES
  • Co-writer, Zero Hour, ABC, 1967.

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