Gunnar Bjoernstrand Biography (1909-1986)

Real name, Knut Gunnar Johanson; born November 13, 1909, in Stockholm, Sweden; died May 24, 1986, in Stockholm, Sweden; son of Oscar Johanson (an actor);married Lillie Lundahl (an actress), November 6, 1935; children: three daughters. Career: Actor. Swedish Theatre, Helsinki, Finland, actor, 1936-38; stage actor in Stockholm, Sweden, 1938-46; Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden, guest artist, 1948. Also worked as a baker's apprentice, in a barber shop, and at the docks. Also known as Gunnar Bjornstrand. Awards, Honors: Goesta Ekman Prize, Swedish Film Society, 1953.

Birth Details
November 13, 1909
Stockholm, Sweden
Death Details
May 24, 1986
Stockholm, Sweden

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