Sylvia Kristel Biography (1952-)

Born September 28, 1952, in Utrecht, Netherlands; daughter of innkeepers; children: Arthur (an actor).

Birth Details
September 28, 1952
Utrecht, Netherlands

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Hannie Troost, Niet voor de poesen (also known as Because of the Cats and The Rape), Cinevog, 1972
  • Naakt over de schutting, 1973
  • Frank en Eva (also known as Living Apart Together), Actueel, 1973
  • Diana, Le jeu avec le feu (also known as Playing with Fire), Union Generale Cinematographique, 1974
  • Title role, Emmanuelle, Parafrance, 1974
  • Avril, Un linceul n'a pas de poches (also known as No Pockets in a Shroud), Societe Nouvelle Prodis, 1974
  • Julia (some sources cite Andrea), Der Liebesschueler (also known as Julia, Julia: Innocence Once Removed, Es War die Nachtigall, and Die Nichte der O), Cine-Media International, 1975
  • Title role, Emmanuelle II (also known as Emmanuelle--The Joys of a Woman, Emmanuelle's 7th Heaven, and Emmanuelle l'antivierge), Parafrance, 1976
  • Diana, La marge (also known as Emmanuelle '77, The Margin, and The Streetwalker), Paris/New Realm Distributors, 1976
  • Mathilde Leroy, Une femme fidele (also known as A Faithful Woman and Game of Seduction), Alpha/Spectro/Virgin Vision, 1976
  • Alice Carol, Alice ou le derniere fugue (also known as Alice and Alice, or the Last Escapade), Filmel/PHPG, 1977
  • Krista, Rene la canne (also known as Rene the Cane), President/AMLF, 1977
  • Title role, Goodbye Emmanuelle (also known as Emmanuelle 3), Parafrance/Columbia-Warner Distributors, 1978, released in the United States by Miramax, 1980
  • Letti selvaggi (also known as Hijinks, Tigers in Lipstick, Wild Beds, Camas Calientes, and Wilde Betten), Avis Filmverleih/Ascot Filmverleih, 1978
  • Miep Algera, Pastorale 1943, 1978
  • Maria Theresa, Behind the Iron Mask (also known as The Fifth Musketeer and Das Geheimnis der Eisernen Maske), Columbia, 1979
  • Isabelle, The Concorde--Airport '79 (also known as Airport'79, Airport '79: The Concorde, Airport '80: The Concorde, The Concorde, The Concorde Affair, and S.O.S. Concorde), Universal, 1979
  • Dany Kielland, Mysteries, Cinevog, 1979
  • Beatrice, Un amore in prima classe (also known as L'amour en premiere classe), 1979
  • Agent 34, The Nude Bomb (also known as Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb and The Return of Maxwell Smart), Universal, 1980
  • Lady Constance Chatterley, Lady Chatterley's Lover (also knownas L'amant de Lady Chatterley and Lady Chatterley's Liebhaber), Prodis, 1981
  • Nicole Mallow, Private Lessons (also known as Philly), Jensen Farley, 1981
  • Ms. Regina Copuletta, Private School, Universal, 1983
  • Sylvia (some sources cite title role), Emmanuelle IV, Cannon, 1983
  • Title role, Mata Hari, Cannon, 1985
  • Sophia, Red Heat (also known as Rote Hitze), TAT Filmproduction/Inter-Ocean/Miracle, 1985
  • Michelle, The Big Bet, Golden Communications/Golden Harvest, 1985
  • Vanessa, Dracula's Widow, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, 1989
  • Julie, The Arrogant (also known as Sylvia Kristel's Desires), Cannon, 1989
  • Angel, In the Shadow of the Sandcastle, 1990
  • Sylvia, Hot Blood, 1991
  • Emmanuelle's Revenge, 1992
  • Title role, Emmanuelle's Magic, 1992
  • Emmanuelle au Teme Ciel (also known as Emmanuelle 7), 1993
  • Old Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle's Love, 1993
  • Old Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle Forever (also known as Emmanuelle pour toujours), 1993
  • Sylvia, Beauty School (also known as Sylvia Kristel's Beauty School), 1993
  • Miep Visser, Gaston's War, RCV Film Distribution, 1997
  • Alma, An Amsterdam Tale, 1998
  • Film 1 (also known as Piranha Blues), 1999
  • Jeanne, Lijmen/Het Been, 1999
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Herself, Espelho magico, 1977
  • Trix Odijk, Onderweg naar morgen (also known as ONM), 1993
  • Episodic
  • Herself, Fantasy World Cup, 1998
  • Other Television Appearances
  • Brett Devereaux, The Million Dollar Face (pilot), NBC, 1981
  • Maddalena, Casanova (movie; also known as Il veneziano, vita, eamori de Giacomo Casanova), ABC, 1987
  • Nicole, Die Sexfalle, 1997
  • Herself, A Hard Look, 2000

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