Tim Kelly Biography (1937-)

Addresses: Home: 8730 Lookout Mountain Avenue, Hollywood, CA, 90046; Agent: Bill Talbot, c/o Samuel French Inc., 25 W. 45th Street, New York, NY, 10036.

"My plays fall into three categories; adaptation; works I do under commission; and wholly personal, creative efforts, which are always the toughest to promote. Where do I get my ideas? Nowhere. Everywhere. What we need are not so many young playwrights--they're all over the place--but some young producers. Old ones, too. Essentially, I'm a storyteller. To a certain extent, Isuppose, I do favor plot over character. What advice would I give to the aspiring playwright? Don't let anyone put you or your play down. If you don't believe in your play, no one else will. And remember--there are no creative absolutes. Don't let anyone tell you differently."

Birth Details
October 2, 1937
Saugus, Massachusetts

Famous Works

  • Plays, Published
  • Toga! Toga! Toga!; Krazy Kamp; Airline; Sherlock Holmes; Pecos Bill and Slue-Foot Sue Meet the Dirty Dan Gang; The Brothers O'Toole; Lizzie Borden of Fall River; Cry of the Banshee; The Time Machine; Lady Dracula; Not Far from the Gioconda Tree; Marsha; Reunion on Gallows Hill; Happily Never After; Mark Twain in the Garden of Eden; Memorial; It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Chickenman!; A Marriage Proposal; The Keeping Place; The Natives Are Restless; The Eskimos Have Landed; The Shame of Tombstone; Hawkshaw theDetective; Alias Smedley Pewtree; Seven Wives for Dracula; The Gift and TheGiving; Raggedy Dick and Puss; Beau Johnny; Jack the Ripper; Yankee Clipper;Under Jekyll's Hyde; Terror By Gaslight; The Adventure of the Clouded Crystal; Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Speckled Band; Ten Weeks withthe Circus; Dark Deeds at Swan's Place: The Lalapalooza Bird; Nicholas Nickleby; Nicholas Nickleby, Schoolmaster; The Green Archer; Mystery of the Black Abbot; First on the Rope; Little Miss Christie.
  • Theatre-Related Career
  • Journalist and drama critic, Phoenix, Arizona, 1957-67; screen and television writer, 1968-78.

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