Bill Alexander Biography (1948-)

Full name, William Alexander Paterson; born February 23, 1948; son of Bill and Rosemary Paterson; married Juliet Harmer, 1978; children: two daughters.


Famous Works

  • Credits; Stage Director
  • Sex and Kinship in a Savage Society, Royal Court Theatre, London,c. 1975-c. 1976.
  • Mates, Leicester Square Theatre, 1976.
  • One White Day, Soho Poly Theatre, London, 1976.
  • Amy and the Price of Cotton, Royal Court Theatre, c. 1976-c. 1977.
  • The Gingerbread Lady, Ipswich Theatre, 1977.
  • Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, England, 1977.
  • The Last of the Knuckle Men, Edinburgh Festival, 1977.
  • Factory Birds, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), 1977.
  • Captain Swing, RSC, 1978.
  • Class Enemy, Royal Court Theatre, 1978.
  • The Hang of the Gaol, RSC, 1978.
  • Shout across the River, RSC, 1978.
  • Captain Swing, RSC, 1979.
  • Men's Beano, RSC, 1979.
  • Sugar and Spice, Royal Court Theatre, 1979.
  • Bastard Angel, RSC, 1980.
  • The Accrington Pals, RSC, Warehouse Theatre, London, 1981.
  • Anna Christie, Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1981.
  • Money, RSC, The Pit, London, 1982.
  • Clay, RSC, The Pit, 1982-83.
  • Moliere, RSC, The Pit, beginning in 1983.
  • Tartuffe, RSC, The Pit, beginning in 1983.
  • Volpone, RSC, The Pit, 1984.
  • Crimes in Hot Countries (first of a trilogy by Howard Barker), RSC, The Pit, 1985.
  • (With Nick Hamm) Downchild (third of a trilogy by Barker), RSC, The Pit, 1985.
  • Richard III, RSC, Barbican Theatre, London, 1985.
  • Today, RSC, The Pit, 1985.
  • Talk of the Devil, Watford Palace Theatre, 1986.
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1986-87.
  • Country Dancing, RSC, The Pit, 1987.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1987-88.
  • The Merchant of Venice, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1988.
  • Twelfth Night, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1988.
  • Cymbeline, RSC, The Pit, beginning in 1988.
  • The Duchess of Malfi, RSC, The Pit, 1990.
  • Xanthippe's Republic, RSC, Theatre Upstairs, London, 1990.
  • Much Ado about Nothing, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1990-91.
  • Romeo and Juliet, Theatre for a New Audience Company, Victory Theatre, New York City, 1991.
  • Troilus and Cressida, Shakespeare Folger Theatre, Washington, DC,1992.
  • The Taming of the Shrew, RSC, Barbican Theatre, 1992-93.
  • School of Night, RSC, The Other Place Theatre, then The Pit, both1992-93.
  • Also directed plays with Bristol Old Vic, beginning c. 1971, including The Ride across Lake Constance, Twelfth Night, Old Times,Butley, and How the Other Half Loves. Also directed Julius Caesar at Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979, and Betrayal, 1980.

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