Courtney Love Biography (1964-)

Original name, Love Michelle Harrison (later changed to Courtney Michelle Harrison); born July 9, 1964, in San Francisco, CA; raised in Eugene, OR, and New Zealand; daughter of Hank Harrison (a publisher) and Linda Carroll (a therapist); stepdaughter of Frank Rodriguez (a teacher) and later David Manley; declared an emancipated minor, 1980; married James Moreland (a musician), 1989(divorced, 1990); married Kurt Cobain (a singer and musician), February 24, 1992 (committed suicide, April 1994); children: (second marriage) Frances BeanCobain. Addresses: Agent: Markham & Froggatt Ltd., 4 Windmill St., London W1T 2HZ, England; David Vigliano Agency, 584 Broadway, Suite 809, New York, NY 10012.; Manager: Untitled Entertainment, 8436 West Third St., Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA 90048.; Publicist: PMK/HBH 700 San Vincente Blvd., Suite G910, West Hollywood, CA 90069; PMK/HBH New York, 650 Fifth Ave., 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10019.

Singer, songwriter, musician, actress, producer
Birth Details
July 9, 1964
San Francisco, California, United States

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