Shirley Jones Biography (1934-)

Full name, Shirley Mae Jones; born March 31, 1934, in Charleroi, PA; raised in Smithton, PA; daughter of Paul (owner of a beer manufacturing company) andMarjorie (maiden name, Williams) Jones; married Jack Cassidy (an actor), August 5, 1956 (divorced, 1975); married Marty Ingels (an actor and agent), November 13, 1977 (filed for divorce, 2002); children: (first marriage) Shaun (anactor, writer, director, and producer), Patrick (an actor), Ryan. Addresses: Office: Suite One Productions, 8127 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046.; Agent: c/o J. Cast Productions, 2550 Greenvalley Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90046.; Contact: 701 N. Oakhurst Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Actress, singer
Birth Details
March 31, 1934
Charleroi, Pennsylvania, United States

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