Bess Motta Biography ((?)-)

Actress, singer, and dancer. Bess Motta currently plays host and instructor on the television aerobic show 20 Minute Workout. She appeared in London in The Great American Backstage Musical for six months before returning to the United States where she enrolled in an aerobic class to lose weight. Using her dance and theatre training, she became the instructor of the class and was seen by a producer who then arranged her television program. She sings in concert and has appeared in two films, The Terminator and You Talkin' to Me? Mottahas also appeared in television commercials as spokesperson for Converse Aerobic and Fitness Shoes, Kraft Foods, Coppertone, and the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. She told CTFT, "Most people get into singing after acting--I started in music and although I love to do films as well, singing isreally my first passion."


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