Hsiao-hsien Hou Biography (1947-)

Born April 8, 1947, in Meihsien, Canton Province, China. Career: Director, producer, screenwriter, and actor. Worked as assistant to several directors beginning, 1974; director, 1981--; previously worked as an electronic calculator salesman. Awards, Honors: Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival, 1989, for Pei-ch'ing ch'eng-shih; Independent Spirit Award nomination,best foreign film, 1991, for Beiqing chengshi; Jury Prize, Cannes FilmFestival, 1993, FIPRESCI Award, Istanbul International Film Festival, 1994,for Hismeng jensheng. Golden Palm Award nomination, Cannes Film Festival 1995, Silver Screen Award, Singapore International Film Festival, specialachievement honor, 1996, for Haonan haonu; Golden Palm Award nomination, 1996, for Nanguo zaijan, nanguo; Golden Palm Award nomination, 1997, for Hai shan hua..

director, producer, screenwriter, actor
Birth Details
April 8, 1947
Canton, China

Famous Works

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