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See index for CTFT sketch: Born September 12, 1914, in South Wales, England; died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, December 19, 1999, near Firle, East Sussex, England. Actor. Llewelyn was best known for hisrole as the technological expert and scientist Q in the James Bond films. Though he studied to become an accountant, Llewelyn was more interested in acting and entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts at the age of twenty. Aftermaking his first film appearance in Ask a Policeman in 1939, Llewelyn's career was placed on hold when he joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during World War II. Captured by German soldiers, he spent five years as a prisoner of war before returning to London. Llewelyn worked in repertory theatre before returning to motion pictures in the 1950s. He first appeared as Q in the 1963 film From Russia with Love, the second in the series of Bond films. Llewelyn continued his role as Q in sixteen more Bond films, including The World Is Not Enough(2000). Other credits include the film ChittyChitty Bang Bang(1968) and a number of television series, including appearances in PBS's Masterpiece Theater in 1979.


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