Dominique Sanda Biography (1948-)

Original name, Dominque Varaigne; born March 11, 1948, in Paris, France; daughter of Gerard and Lucienne (maiden name, Pinchon) Varaigne; married at age 15 (divorced at age 17); children: (with Christian Marquand) Marquand Yann.

Birth Details
March 11, 1948
Paris, France

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • She, Une femme douce (also known as A Gentle Creature and A Gentle Woman), Marianne Productions/Parc Film, 1969
  • La notte dei fiori (also known as The Night of the Flowers), 1970
  • Sinaida, Erste Liebe (also known as First Love), UMC Pictures, 1970
  • Anna Quadri, Il conformista (also known as The Conformist,Le conformiste, and Der Grosse Irrtum), Paramount, 1970
  • Micol, Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini (also known as The Gardenof the Finzi-Continis and Der Garten der Finzi Contini), CCC Filmkunst/Documento Film, 1970
  • Sandra Forest, Sans mobile apparent (also known as Without Apparent Motive and Senza movente), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1972
  • Natalie, Story of a Love Story (also known as Impossible Object, Questo impossible oggetto, and L'impossible objet), Franco London Films, 1973
  • Mrs. Smith, The Mackintosh Man, Warner Bros./Newman-Foreman Company, 1973
  • Hermine, Steppenwolf (also known as Il lupo della steppa),D-R, 1974
  • (Uncredited) Professor's mother, Gruppo di famiglia in un interno(also known as Conversation Piece and Violence et passion), Guamont International/Rusconi Film, 1974
  • Bertolucci secondo il cinema (also known as The Cinema According to Bertolucci and The Making of "1900"), 1975
  • Le berceau de cristal, 1975
  • Irene Carelli, L'eredita Ferramonti (also known as The Inheritance), S.J., 1976
  • Ada Fiastri Paulhan, 1900 (also known as Nineteen Hundred,1900--Kampf, Liebe, Hoffnung, 1900--Gewalt, Macht, Leidenschaft, and Novecento), Les Productions Artistes Associes/Artemis/PEA Cinematografica, 1976
  • Janice, Damnation Alley (also known as Survival Run), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1977
  • Lou Andreas-Salome, Al di la del bene e del male (also known as Au-dela du bien et du mal, Beyond Good and Evil, Seeds of Evil, and Jenseits von Gut und Boese), Clesi Cinematografica/Les Productions Artistes Associes/Lotar Film Productions/Artemis, 1977
  • Anna, La chanson de Roland (also known as The Song of Roland), Z Productions, 1978
  • Sylvie, Utopia, 1978
  • Le navire night, 1979
  • Catherine Croy, Les ailes de la colombe, 1980
  • Helene, Le voyage en douce (also known as Un dolce viaggioand Sentimental Journey), New Yorker Video, 1980
  • Marie Claire Allesandri, Caboblanco, Avco Embassy, 1980
  • Edith Leroyer, Une chambre en ville (also known as A Room in Town), 1982
  • Beatrice, L'indiscretion (also known as The Indiscretion),1982
  • Nun, Poussiere d'empire, 1983
  • Le Commandangte/Mireille, Le matelot 512 (also known as The Sailor 512 and Able Seaman 512), 1984
  • Herself, De Weg Naar Bresson (also known as The Road to Bresson), 1984
  • Une femme ou deux (also known as One Woman or Two and AWoman or Two), D. D. Productions/France 3 Cinema/Hachette Premiere, 1985
  • Helene, Corps et biens (also known as With All Hands), France 3 Cinema/Lyric Internationale, 1986
  • Les mendiants (also known as The Beggars), 1988
  • Carola, In una notte di chiaro di luna (also known as As Long As It's Love, Crystal or Ash, Fire or Wind, As Long As It's Love, Clair, and On a Moonlit Night), Italian International Film/Carthago Films/Instituto Luce/Italnoleggio Cinematografica/Rai Due Radiotelevisione Italia, 1989
  • Guerriers et captives (also known as Warriors and Prisonersand Guerros y cautivas), 1989
  • Maria Sanda, Yo, la peor de todas (also known as I, the Worst of All), Gea Cinematografica, 1990
  • Naissance d'un Golem, 1991
  • Helena, El viaje (also known as The Journey and The Voyage), Cinesur/Films AZ/Les Films du Sud, 1992
  • Carla, Tolgo il disturbo (also known as I'll Be Going Now and Valse d'amour), 1992
  • Albert Savarus, 1992
  • Bertha, Rosenemil (also known as Emile des roses), 1993
  • Lili Wolff, Der Fall Lucona (also known as The Lucona Affair), 1993
  • Mother, Der Gruene Heinrich (also known as Green Henry andHenri le vert), 1994
  • Peggy, Brennendes Herz (also known as Burning Heart), Technisonor/Telefilm Saar/Saarbruecken, 1995
  • Herself, L'univers de Jacques Demy (also known as The Universeof Jacques Demy and The World of Jacques Demy), 1995
  • Diane, Garage Olimpo, 1999
  • Sister Andree, Les rivieres pourpres (also known as The CrimsonRivers), TriStar, 2000
  • The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife, 2000
  • Also appeared as Catherine Croy, The Wings of the Dove; in Travels on the Sly; Dust of the Empire; Je ne vous derangerai plus; Moi la pire de toutes.
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Helene Clement, La naissance du jour, 1980
  • Ines Armand, Lenin: The Train (also known as Quel treno per Pietrogrado and Der Zug), 1988
  • Il decimo clandestino (also known as The Tenth One in Hiding and To Save Nine), 1989
  • Margot, Voyage of Terror: The Achille Lauro Affair (also known asDie Entfuehrung der Achille Lauro), 1990
  • Linda, Voglia di vivere, 1990
  • Ils n'avaient pas rendez-vous, 1991
  • Stephanie Vaugier, Nobody's Children, 1994
  • Miniseries
  • Warburg: A Man of Influence, 1991
  • Baroness Christina von Knabig, Der Lange Weg des Lukas B. (also known as By Way of the Stars and De Avontuurlijke reis van Lukas B.), CBC, 1992-1993 then The Disney Channel
  • Leah, Joseph (also known as The Bible: Joseph and Josephin Egypt), TNT, 1995
  • Others
  • Also appeared on television in The Sealed Train; Brennendes Herz; Non siamo soli; and Warburg comme par hazard.
  • Stage Appearances
  • Appeared in productions of Madame Klein; Les liasons dangereuses; Un marie ideal; and Carte blanche de Dominique Sanda.

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