Eric Sevareid Biography (1912-1992)

Full name, Arnold Eric Sevareid; born November 26, 1912, in Velva, ND; died of cancer, July 9, 1992, in Washington, DC; son of Alfred (a banker) and Clare(Hougen) Sevareid; married Lois Finger, May 18, 1935 (divorced August 16, 1962); married Belen Marshall (a musician), February 28, 1963 (separated, 1972;divorced, 1975); married Suzanne St. Pierre, 1979; children: (first marriage) Michael and Peter (twins); (second marriage) Cristina.

Birth Details
November 26, 1912
Velva, North Dakota, United States
Death Details
July 9, 1992
Washington, D.C

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