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Addresses: Office: Brevoort-East, 20 E. Ninth Street, New York, NY, 10003; Agent: Janet Roberts, c/o William Morris Agency, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10019.

"I began to write in an attempt to impose a moment's order upon the disorderly time and circumstance I live in. The attempts have not always succeededin illuminating the material at hand the first time out. Sometimes not the second time out. Nor, sometimes, the third. Being stubborn, I keep at the material, which produces lots of paper, no end of copyrights, and re-establishesconfusion, by making hash of play-chronology: i.e. to the question: 'Whatwas your first play?'--the only honest answer is, 'I can't really answer that.' The reason being, my first play was also something like my third play, my fifth, my seventh, and just lately, is my 'latest'.Two drafts of those attempts at harnessing historical material have had productions: one amateur (academic), one professional. A totally obsolete text wasnicely published, and except as a literary curiosity--has no dramatic relevance to the material as it now stands (although the latest version contains--in addition to new characters--all of the ones in the first version). If thisis confounding, all I can say is that, to me, it is fun. As well as being myprofession and my calling."

playwright, actor

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