Kevin Conway Biography (1942-)

Born May 29, 1942, in New York, NY; son of James John (a mechanic) and HelenMargaret (a sales representative; maiden name, Sanders) Conway; married MilaQuiros (an actress and writer), April 15, 1966. Addresses: Agent: Innovative Artists, 141 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Actor, director, producer
Birth Details
May 29, 1942
New York, New York, United States

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) Andy, The Impossible Years, Elitch Gardens, Denver,CO, 1967
  • Philly Cullen, Playboy of the Western World, Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT, 1967
  • Leo Davis, Room Service, Long Wharf Theatre, 1967
  • Tom, The Knack, Stage West, Springfield, MA, 1968
  • Cliff, Look Back in Anger, Charles Playhouse, Boston, MA, 1968
  • First messenger, The Bacchae, Charles Playhouse, 1968
  • (Off-Broadway debut) Number Two, Muzeeka, Provincetown Playhouse,1968
  • (Broadway debut) Black Hawk, Indians, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 1969
  • Fred, Saved, Chelsea Theatre Center, Brooklyn, NY, then Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City, both 1970
  • Various roles, An Evening of Julie Bovasso Plays, La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, New York City, 1971
  • Mike, Moonchildren, Arena Stage, Washington, DC, 1971, then RoyaleTheatre, New York City, 1972
  • Covey, The Plough and the Stars, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, New YorkCity, 1973
  • McMurphy, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Mercer-Hansberry Theatre, then Eastside Playhouse, both New York City, 1973
  • Teddy, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, Eastside Playhouse, thenBerkshire Playhouse, Stockbridge, MA, both 1973
  • George, Of Mice and Men, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 1974-1975
  • Teddy, When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, Westwood Playhouse, Los Angeles, 1975
  • Allott, Life Class, Manhattan Theatre Club, New York City, 1975
  • Jamie, Long Day's Journey into Night, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC, 1975, then Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY, 1976
  • Dr. Frederick Treves and Belgian policeman, The Elephant Man, Theatre of St. Peter's Church, then Booth Theatre, both New York City, 1979-1981
  • Driver, "Victoria Station," and Nicolas, "One for the Road," in OtherPlaces, Manhattan Theatre Club, 1984
  • Title role, King John, New York Shakespeare Festival, Delacorte Theatre/Central Park, New York City, 1988
  • Lawrence Garfinkle, Other People's Money, Minetta Lane Theatre, New York City, then Los Angeles, both 1989
  • Tom Fearon, The Man Who Fell in Love with His Wife, Quaigh Theatre, New York City, 1990
  • The Kid, Ten Below, Works Progress Administration Theatre, New York City, 1993
  • Johnny Friendly, On the Waterfront, Brooks Atkinson Theatre, 1995
  • Stage Director
  • Mecca, Quaigh Theatre, 1980
  • "Stops Along the Way" and "Vivian," The One Act Play Festival, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre, New York City, 1981
  • The Elephant Man, Westport Country Playhouse, Westport, CT, 1983
  • Short Eyes, Second Stage, New York City, 1984
  • The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, Works Progress Administration Theatre, 1987
  • Directed a touring production of The Elephant Man; directed Other People's Money in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco productions.
  • Film Appearances
  • Clancy, Believe in Me, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1971
  • Roland Weary, Slaughterhouse Five, Universal, 1972
  • Smolka, Portnoy's Complaint, Warner Bros., 1972
  • The kid, Shamus (also known as Passion for Danger), Columbia, 1973
  • Vince Doyle, F.I.S.T., United Artists, 1978
  • Stitch Mahon, Paradise Alley, Universal, 1978
  • Funhouse/Freakshow/Stripshow barker, The Funhouse (also known as Carnival of Terror), Universal, 1981
  • Brook, Flashpoint, TriStar, 1984
  • The Sun and the Moon (also known as El sol y la luna and The Violins Came with the Americans), Suicide Note Productions, 1987
  • (Uncredited) Crum Petree, the mailman, Funny Farm, Warner Bros., 1988
  • Grazziano, Homeboy, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1989
  • Dr. Martinson, Rambling Rose, Seven Arts, 1991
  • Lieutenant Danny Quinn, One Good Cop, Buena Vista, 1991
  • Citrine, Jennifer Eight (also known as Jennifer 8), Paramount, 1992
  • Sergeant "Buster" Kilrain, Gettysburg, New Line Cinema, 1993
  • Eugene Dred, The Quick and the Dead, TriStar, 1995
  • Jonathan Walker, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (also known asLawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War and Lawnmower Man II: Mindfire), New Line Cinema, 1996
  • Hastings and himself, Looking for Richard, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 1996
  • Henchman #2, The Stupids, New Line Cinema, 1996
  • Lomax, Mercury Rising, Universal, 1998
  • Mel Duden, The Confession, New City Releasing, 1998
  • Jim O'Neary, Two Family House, Lion Gate Films, 1999
  • General Curtis LeMay, Thirteen Days, New Line Cinema, 2000
  • Joan of Arc: The Virgin Warrior, 2000
  • King Leo, Black Knight, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2001
  • Sergeant "Buster" Kilrain, Gods and Generals, Warner Bros., 2002
  • Film Work
  • Coproducer and director, The Sun and the Moon (also known as Elsol y la luna and The Violins Came with the Americans), Suicide Note Productions, 1987
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Clyde Wheeler, All My Children, ABC, 1970
  • Whitman, A World Apart, 1971
  • Fernley, The Beachcombers, 1989
  • The control voice, The Outer Limits, 1995
  • Miniseries
  • Roger Chillingworth, The Scarlet Letter, PBS, 1979
  • Mox Mox, Larry McMurtry's "Streets of Laredo" (also known as Streets of Laredo), CBS, 1995
  • Voice of Patrick Gass, Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, PBS, 1997
  • Voice, Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony, PBS, 1999
  • Movies
  • First Fence, Mr. Inside/Mr. Outside (also known as Hot Ice), 1973
  • George Graff, The Deadliest Season, CBS, 1977
  • David F. Powers, Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, NBC, 1977
  • Dr. William Haber, The Lathe of Heaven, PBS, 1980
  • Ken Bailey, Rage of Angels (also known as Sidney Sheldon's "Rage of Angels"), NBC, 1983
  • Richard Ofshe, Attack on Fear, CBS, 1984
  • Dr. Kevin Farley, Something about Amelia, ABC, 1984
  • Ken Brand, Jesse, ABC, 1988
  • Jerry Howard, When Will I Be Loved?, NBC, 1990
  • Jack Hastings, Breaking the Silence (also known as Some Kind ofLove), CBS, 1992
  • Andy, The Man Upstairs, 1992
  • Hold-Your-Nose-Billy, The Whipping Boy (also known as Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy and Der Prinz und der Pruegelknabe), The Disney Channel, 1994
  • Gordie Howe, Net Worth, 1995
  • Kelley Dobbs, "Calm at Sunset" (also known as "Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn"), Hallmark Hall of Fame, CBS, 1996
  • Tucker, Ronnie & Julie, 1996
  • Thomas Paine, Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal, CBS, 2000
  • Specials
  • Dr. Frederick Treves, The Elephant Man, ABC, 1983
  • Stanford White, Saint Gaudens: Masque of the Golden Bowl, 1988
  • Narrator, Warning: Medicine May Be Hazardous to Your Health, 1988
  • Also appeared in Hogan's Goat.
  • Pilots
  • Dr. Packer, RX for the Defense, ABC, 1973
  • Peter Blau, The Firm, NBC, 1983
  • Episodic
  • Thomas Eakins, "A Motion Portrait," American Masters, PBS, 1986
  • Allen White, "Splinters," The Equalizer, CBS, 1988
  • (As Kevin John Conway) "Weasel" Wilson, "Thin Ice," MacGyver, 1988
  • "Fun with Animals," 21 Jump Street, Fox, 1988
  • Kahless the Unforgettable, "Rightful Heir," Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 1993
  • Piano tuner, "Duets," Northern Exposure, CBS, 1993
  • Paul, "Sight Unseen," The Commish, 1993
  • Joseph Cardero, "Heartbeat," Homicide: Life on the Street, NBC, 1995
  • Jim Kowalski, "Good-bye Gator," New York News, CBS, 1995
  • Jim Kowalski, "A Question of Truth," New York News, CBS, 1995
  • Jim Kowalski, "Welcome Back Cotter," New York News, CBS, 1995
  • Lieutenant John Flynn, "Corruption," Law & Order, NBC, 1996
  • (As Kevin John Conway) Alec Hill, "Haunted," Highlander, syndicated, 1996
  • Willie Meizer/Roscoe Martin, "King of the Fleas," JAG, CBS, 1997
  • Roscoe Martin, "The Martin Baker Fan Club," JAG, CBS, 1998
  • Also appeared as escaped convict, "A.K.A. Kelly Kay," In the Heat of the Night; as Biggs, "A Few Dead Men," Cobra; in an episode of Miami Vice.
  • Video Games
  • Voice of briefing officer, Medal of Honor, 1999
  • Voice of Colonel Hargrove, Medal of Honor Underground, 2000

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