Peter Vaughan Biography (1923-)

Original name, Peter Olm; born April 4, 1923, in Wem, England; married BillieWhitelaw (divorced); married Lillias Walker (an actress); children: (secondmarriage) one son. Addresses: Agent: Sally Long Innes, International Creative Management, Oxford House, 76 Oxford St., WIN 0AX London, England.; Contact: British Actors' Equity Association, Guild House, Upper St. Martin's Ln., London W2CH 9EG, England.

Birth Details
April 4, 1923
Wem, United Kingdom

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Sapphire, Universal, 1959
  • Police constable Gobby, Village of the Damned, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1960
  • John Kester, Two Living, One Dead (also known as Tvaa levande och en doed), Emerson, 1961
  • Chief of the Hungarian police, The Devil's Agent (also known as Im Namen des Teufels), British Lion, 1961
  • Police inspector, I Thank a Fool, 1962
  • Committee member, The Punch and Judy Man, Warner Bros./Pathe, 1963
  • The Horse without a Head, Walt Disney Pictures, 1963
  • Policeman, The Victors, Columbia, 1963
  • Ropey Roper, Smokescreen, Butchers, 1964
  • Sir Henry Capell, Rotten to the Core, Cinema V/British Lion, 1965
  • Harry, Die! Die! My Darling! (also known as Fanatic), Columbia, 1965
  • Slatterly, The Naked Runner, Warner Bros., 1967
  • Nikolai Volkov, The Man Outside, Allied Artists, 1968
  • Title role, Hammerhead, Columbia, 1968
  • Sergeant Walker, The Bofors Gun, Universal, 1968
  • Johann, A Twist of Sand, United Artists, 1968
  • Inspector Malling, Taste of Excitement (also known as Why WouldAnyone Want to Kill a Nice Girl Like You?), Crispin, 1969
  • Buhrud, Alfred the Great, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1969
  • Paul Grazzini, Sudden Terror (also known as Eyewitness), National General, 1970
  • Tom Hedden, Charlie's uncle, Straw Dogs, Cinerama, 1971
  • Museum attendant, Savage Messiah, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1972
  • Bishop, The Pied Piper (also known as The Pied Piper of Hamelin), Paramount, 1972
  • Luftwaffe General Kesselring, Rappresaglia (also known as Massacre in Rome), National General, 1973
  • Mr. Gunliffe, Malachi's Cove (also known as The Seaweed Children), Impact Quadrant, 1973
  • Aufret, The Blockhouse, Hemdale, 1973
  • Brunskill, The Mackintosh Man, Warner Bros., 1973
  • Symptoms (also known as The Blood Virgin), Bryanston, 1974
  • Coglin, 11 Harrowhouse (also known as Anything for Love, Eleven Harrowhouse, and Fast Fortune), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1974
  • Salesman, Intimate Reflections, 1974
  • Return, 1976
  • Rory O'Neill, Valentino, United Artists, 1977
  • Quartermaster sergeant, Zulu Dawn, Warner Bros., 1979
  • Winston the Ogre, Time Bandits, Avco-Embassy, 1981
  • Mr. Freeman, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Universal, 1981
  • McEvoy, The Missionary, Columbia, 1982
  • Mackenzie, The Razor's Edge, Columbia, 1984
  • Mr. Eugene Helpmann, Brazil, Universal, 1985
  • Francis Abbot, Sr., Haunted Honeymoon, Orion, 1986
  • (Uncredited) Commander, "Experiment IV," Kate Bush: The Whole Story, 1986
  • Strife, 1988
  • Lord Houghton, Mountains of the Moon, TriStar, 1990
  • Father William Stevens, The Remains of the Day, Columbia, 1993
  • The driver, The Secret Agent (also known as Joseph Conrad's TheSecret Agent), Fox Searchlight Pictures, 1996
  • Giles Corey, The Crucible, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996
  • Bishop, Les miserables, Columbia, 1998
  • Music store owner, La legenda del pianista sull'oceano (also knownas The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean and The Legend of 1900), Fine Line, 1998
  • Mick Doyle, The Good Son, 1998
  • Phipps, An Ideal Husband, Miramax, 1999
  • Old Baron Blau, Canone inverso--Making love (also known as Canone Inverso), 2000
  • Morton Blanche, Hotel Splendide, 2000
  • Daddy Zoo, Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang), 2000
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • News editor Joe Dunn, Deadline Midnight, Associated Television, 1960-1961
  • Dr. Read, Dimensions of Fear, 1963
  • Detective chief superintendent, The Gold Robbers, London Weekend Television, 1969
  • "Genial" Harry Grout, Porridge (also known as Doing Time),BBC, 1974
  • Shirley's dad, Citizen Smith, BBC, 1977-1979
  • Captain Hatfield, The Doombolt Chase, 1978
  • Billy Fox, Fox, 1980
  • Chillers (also known as Mistress of Suspense), 1990
  • Thomas Franklyn, Chancer, Central Television, 1990
  • Movies
  • Firebrand (also known as Theatre 625: Firebrand), 1967
  • The Drummer and the Bloke (also known as Wednesday Play: The Drummer and the Bloke), 1968
  • Emma's Time (also known as Wednesday Play: Emma's Time), 1970
  • Mr. Paxton, A Warning to the Curious (also known as Ghost Storyfor Christmas: A Warning to the Curious), 1972
  • Glorious Miles (also known as Black and Blue: Glorious Miles), 1973
  • Freedom of the Dig (also known as BBC2 Premiere: Freedom of theDig), 1978
  • Judge Hawthorne, The Crucible, BBC, 1980
  • The Badness within Him (also known as Last Summer's Child),1980
  • Belov, Coming out of the Ice, CBS, 1982
  • Bullneck, Czech Mate (also known as Hammer House of Mystery andSuspense: Czech Mate), 1984
  • Major Stauffel, Forbidden (also known as Forbidden Allianceand Versteckt), HBO, 1985
  • Sid Harris, Harry's Kingdom, Arts and Entertainment, 1987
  • Chiropodist, Coast to Coast, BBC, 1987
  • Joe Helliwell, When We Are Married, 1987
  • Our Geoff, 1987
  • Hermann Goring, Countdown to War, 1989
  • Captain, King of the Wind, Harlech Television (Channel 3), 1989
  • General Mercier, Prisoner of Honor, HBO, 1991
  • Liam McAuley, Circle of Deceit, [Great Britain], 1993
  • Director, Heart of Darkness, TNT, 1994
  • SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Arthur Nebe, Fatherland, HBO, 1994
  • Abbot, Hildegard of Bingen, 1994
  • Sonny, Face, BBC, 1997, Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters (also known as Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War), Arts and Entertainment, 1999
  • Sir Ensor Doone, Lorna Doone, Arts and Entertainment, 2000
  • Edgar Bannister, Thursday the 12th, BBC and PBS, 2000
  • Harold King, Second Sight II: Kingdom of the Blind, PBS, 2000
  • Miniseries
  • Bill Sykes, Oliver Twist, BBC, 1962
  • Long John Silver, Treasure Island, Independent Television, 1968
  • Haerte 10, 1974
  • Izvolsky, A Fall of Eagles, 1974
  • Sir Thomas Inskip, Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years, 1981
  • Squire Bassatt, Jamaica Inn, syndicated, 1985
  • Tulkinghorn, Bleak House, PBS, 1985
  • Chief prosecutor, Sins, CBS, 1986
  • Pabst, Monte Carlo, CBS, 1986
  • Marshall Voldemar Stanov, Codename: Kyril, Showtime, 1988
  • Koenig, The Bourne Identity, ABC, 1988
  • Colonel General Kurt Zeitzler, War and Remembrance, ABC, 1989
  • Dr. Tom Hincks, Dandelion Dead, [Great Britain], 1993, broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1994
  • Delaney, Oliver's Travels, 1995, broadcast as episodes of Mystery!, PBS, 1996
  • Frank Ashworth, The Choir, [Great Britain], broadcast on Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1995
  • Felix Hutchinson, Our Friends in the North, 1996
  • Mr. Boffin, Our Mutual Friend (also known as Our Mutual Friend:By Charles Dickens), BBC, 1998, then PBS, 1999
  • George Graham, Longitude, Arts and Entertainment, 2000
  • Wilfred Peep, The 10th Kingdom (also known as Das 10te Koenigreich and Das Zehnte Koenigreich), NBC, 2000
  • Ray, The Thing about Vince, 2000
  • Michael Colchester, The Jury, 2001
  • Specials
  • Anderson, The Eyes Have It (also known as Thriller and Thriller: The Eyes Have It), ABC, 1974
  • Gardiner, "Henry VIII," The BBC Television Shakespeare, BBC2, thenbroadcast on Shakespeare Plays, PBS, 1979
  • Harvey, Season's Greetings, [Great Britain], 1986, A&E, 1988
  • Gabriel Betteredge, The Moonstone, [Great Britain], 1996, broadcast on Mobil Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1997
  • Episodic
  • Goddard, "The Death of Marie Vetier," Crane, 1964
  • Walter Devan, "The Saint Steps In," The Saint, 1964
  • Dr. Mort, "The Doomsday Plan," Adam Adamant Lives!, BBC, 1966
  • De Burg, "Essay in Evil," Man in a Suitcase, 1967
  • James Howarth, "Never Trust a Ghost," Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), 1969
  • Jaeger, "My Wildest Dream," The Avengers, Associated British Picture Corporation, 1969
  • Schubert, "Chain of Events," The Persuaders!, Incorporated Television Company, 1971
  • "The Lisbon Beat," Madigan, 1973
  • Tony Kirby, "Stay Lucky, Eh?" The Sweeney, Thames Television/Euston Films, 1975
  • Sergeant Brunton, "Nor Iron Bars a Cage," Shelley, 1981
  • Woodbridge, "Cross My Palm with Silver," Cat Eyes, 1985
  • David Kimber-Hutchinson, Game, Set and Match, Granada Television,1988, broadcast as an episode of Mystery!, PBS, 1989
  • John Turner, "The Boscombe Valley Mystery," The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Granada Television, 1990, broadcast as an episode of Mystery!, PBS, 1991
  • Ray Beckett, "The Night before Christmas," Boon, 1991
  • Marek, "The Prague Sun," Lovejoy (also known as Lovejoy Mysteries), BBC and A&E, both 1992
  • Doverson, "Overkill," Murder Most Horrid, BBC2, 1994
  • Arthur Wainwright, "From Ancient Grudge," Heartbeat, ITV, 2002
  • Also appeared as Roberts, "Somebody Doesn't Like," The Adventurer;the inspector, "All at Sea," Nightingales.
  • Radio Appearances
  • Appeared as Denethor, The Lord of the Rings, BBC Radio.

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