Jackie Coogan Biography (1914-1984)

SIDELIGHTS: "At the age of six, Jackie Coogan was a millionaire with Jackie Coogan Productions, under the directions of his father, doing a multimillion dollar business. His childhood was sheltered in a tinsel world of mansions, swimming pools, 10 custom built Rolls Royces, with a special chair built-in for "The Kid" that was really a stationary upholstered swivel rocker. Helived in a world of adults and at a very early age learned to hunt and fish under the able tutelage of his dad, who was his constant companion. His love of the outdoors, developed a such an early age, remained one of the most important aspects of his life. He did a great deal of flying, golfing, fishing andhunting. His favorite indoor hobby was cooking. Jackie was considered one ofthe finest gourmets in the non-pro field. He was the only theatrical personality to have a law named for him--the 'Jackie Coogan Law' also knownas the child labor law."


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