Mike Lookinland Biography (1960-)

Full name, Michael Paul Lookinland; born December 19, 1960, in Mount Pleasant, UT; brother of Todd Lookinland (an actor); married Kelly Wermuth (a scriptsupervisor, production secretary, actress), 1987; children: Scott, Joey.

Actor, camera operator, production assistant
Birth Details
December 19, 1960
Mount Pleasant, Utah, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Robert "Bobby" Brady, The Brady Bunch, ABC, 1969-74
  • Voice of Bobby Brady, The Brady Kids (animated), ABC, 1972-74
  • Bobby Brady, The Brady Bunch Hour, ABC, 1977
  • Bobby Brady, The Bradys, CBS, 1990
  • Bobby Brady, Pop-Up Brady, VH1, beginning 2001
  • Movies
  • Bud Riley, Dead Men Tell No Tales, ABC, 1971
  • Claude, "The Boy from Dead Man's Bayou," Disneyland, NBC, 1971
  • Voice of Oblio, "The Point" (animated), ABC Tuesday Movie of the Week, ABC, 1971
  • Bobby Brady, A Very Brady Christmas, CBS, 1988
  • Bosun, Gambler V: Playing for Keeps, CBS, 1994
  • (Uncredited) Camera operator, Growing Up Brady, NBC, 2000
  • Miniseries
  • First sentry, The Stand (also known as Stephen King's "The Stand"), ABC, 1994
  • Specials
  • One of the Brady kids, The World of Sid & Marty Krofft at the Hollywood Bowl, 1973
  • Segment host, A 70s Celebration: The Beat Is Back, NBC, 1993
  • (In archive footage) Brady Bunch Home Movies, CBS, 1995
  • Himself, TV Guide's Truth behind the Sitcoms, Fox, 1999
  • Himself, The Brady Bunch 35th Anniversary Reunion Special: Still Bradyafter All These Years, TV Land, 2004
  • Episodic
  • Thomas "Tom" Anderson, "How to Find a Friend," Isis, CBS, 1975
  • Boy on train, "Times of Change," Little House on the Prairie, NBC,1977
  • Bobby Brady, "A Very Brady Episode," Day by Day, NBC, 1989
  • Guest, The Howard Stern Show, syndicated, 1992
  • Bobby Brady, "Joe Namath," SportsCentury, ESPN, 2001
  • Himself, "The Brady Bunch Episode," Weakest Link, NBC, 2001
  • Himself, "Florence Henderson--Here's the Story," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2001
  • Himself, "Robert Reed: Unfinished Business," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2001
  • Himself, "VH1's One Hit Wonders Presents: Star Tracks," One Hit Wonders, VH1, 2003
  • Pilots
  • (As Michael Lookinland) Voice of Bobby Brady, "The Brady Kids on Mysterious Island," The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie (animated; also known asThe New Saturday Superstar Movie), ABC, 1972
  • Bobby Brady, The Brady Girls Get Married (also known as The Brady Brides), NBC, 1981
  • Television First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Series
  • Promised Land (also known as Home of the Brave), CBS, 1996-99
  • Everwood, The WB, 2002-
  • Television Work
  • Miniseries
  • First assistant camera operator, Gambler V: Playing for Keeps, CBS, 1994
  • Second assistant camera operator, The Stand (also known as Stephen King's "The Stand"), ABC, 1994
  • Television First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Movies
  • Just a Dream, Showtime, 2002
  • The Maldonado Miracle, Showtime, 2003
  • Television Second Assistant Camera Operator
  • Movies
  • Parallel Lives, Showtime, 1994
  • Roswell (also known as Incident at Roswell and Roswell:The U.F.O. Cover-Up), 1994
  • Television First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Specials
  • Ancient Secrets of the Bible, CBS, 1992
  • Film Appearances
  • Phillip Allbright, The Towering Inferno, Twentieth Century-Fox/Warner Bros., 1974
  • Himself, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (also known as Dickie Roberts: (Former) Child Star), Paramount, 2003
  • Film First Assistant Camera Operator
  • Additional first assistant camera operator, Halloween 5 (also known as Halloween 5: Michael Myers' Revenge and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers), Galaxy International Releasing, 1989
  • First assistant camera operator on second unit, Fast Getaway, NewLine Cinema, 1991
  • First assistant camera operator for action unit, The Rage, Miramax, 1997
  • The Way of the Gun, Artisan Entertainment, 2000
  • Film Second Assistant Camera Operator
  • China O'Brien, Golden Harvest Company, 1990
  • A Midnight Clear, InterStar Releasing, 1992
  • Additional second assistant camera operator, Heaven Sent, KOAN Inc., 1994
  • Film Assistant Camera Operator
  • Additional assistant camera operator, A Home of Our Own, GramercyPictures, 1993
  • Little Secrets, 2001, Samuel Goldwyn, 2002
  • Film Production Assistant
  • Promised Land (also known as Young Hearts), Vestron Pictures, 1987
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Galaxy International Releasing, 1988

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