Jack Sharkey Biography (1931-)

Addresses: Agent: M. Abbott Van Nostrand 25 W. 45th Street, New York,NY, 10036.

"I wrote my first novel at the age of 10 in 1941 and sold my first short story at age 18 in 1949. After serving in the Army, I moved to New York City andinto full-time writing, creating hundreds of short stories and seven novels sold. Once my career was established, I moved back to Chicago, got married andsubmitted my first play, Here Lies Jeremy Troy to New York producer Elliot Martin in 1965; it was optioned and produced that summer. There are nowover 47 plays and musicals.... My musical instincts stem from childhood, when I was a piano-playing prodigy doing Chopin, Liszt, et al. with easy abandon, and slated to become a concert pianist before I was out of my teens--but Ifound the daily practicing a drag, and much preferred composing my own music.... Writing a play tailored to a particular talent is always challenging--butdefinitely a lot of fun."

playwright, composer, writer, director
Birth Details
May 6, 1931

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