Freddie Young Biography (1902-1998)

See index for CTFT sketch: Born October 9, 1902, in London, England; died December 1, 1998, in London, England. Cinematographer. Freddie Young enjoyed a long and distinguished career behind the camera in the film industry, and he was recognized for his ability to effectively capture the simplicity oflife. Young believed that his role was to collaborate with the director of afilm, and he held himself to high professional standards. He started workingin the film lab of a London studio and soon was managing the lab. Eager to stay in the industry, Young took stunt roles in films including Rob Roy(1922) and Triumph of the Rat(1926). After working as chief camera manin the 1930s, Young served during World War Two and returned to civilian life as chief camera man of MGM's British component. Young began a long and successful partnership with director David Lean, which included films such as Major Barbara(1941) and Lawrence of Arabia. Young continued to work into his 80s, but devoted more of his later years to painting. He publishedthe autobiography Seventy Light Years: A Life in Movies and the bookThe Work of the Motion Picture Cameraman(1972).

Birth Details
October 9, 1902
London, England
Death Details
December 1, 1998
London, England

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