John R. Chapman Biography (1927-)

Born May 27, 1927, in London, England; son of Albert Roy and Barbara Joyce (Fletcher) Chapman; married Betty Impey. Addresses: HOME--48 Wildwood Road, London NW11, England.

Birth Details
May 27, 1927
London, England

Famous Works

  • Credits
  • STAGE DEBUT--Disher, National Velvet, Embassy Theatre, 1946.
  • Scots soldier, Reluctant Heroes, Whitehall Theatre, London, 1950.
  • Danby, Dry Rot, Whitehall Theatre, 1954.
  • Barry Layton, Diplomatic Baggage, Wyndham's Theatre, London, 1964.
  • FILM DEBUT--Reluctant Heroes, Associated British, 1952.
  • Mr. Rose, Not Wanted on Voyage, Renown, 1957.
  • wing commander, Make Mine a Double (also known as The Night We Dropped aClanger), Ellis, 1962.
  • TELEVISION DEBUT--Queen Elizabeth Slept Here, BBC, 1956.
  • Reluctant Heroes, Flat Spin, and Come Prancing.
  • Writings;STAGE
  • Dry Rot, first produced in London, 1954, published by English Theatre Guild, 1956.
  • Simple Spyman, first produced in London, 1958, published by English Theatre Guild, 1960.
  • The Brides of March, first produced in London, 1960, published by Dramatists Play Service, 1961.
  • This Is My Wife, Mr. Stanniforth, first produced in London, 1963.
  • Diplomatic Baggage, first produced in London, 1964, published by EnglishTheatre Guild, 1966.
  • Oh Clarence!, first produced in London, 1968, published by English Theatre Guild, 1969.
  • (with Ray Cooney) Not Now, Darling, first produced in London, 1969, thenBrooks Atkinson Theatre, New York City, 1970, later Equity Library Theatre, New York City, 1982, published by English Theatre Guild, 1970, and DramatistsPlay Service, 1971.
  • (with Cooney) My Giddy Aunt, first produced in London, 1968, published byEnglish Theatre Guild, 1970.
  • (with Cooney) Move Over Mrs. Markham, first produced in London, 1971, published by English Theatre Guild, 1972.
  • (with Cooney) There Goes the Bride, first produced in London, 1974.
  • It Happened in Harrods, first produced in 1977.
  • (with Anthony Marriott) Shut Your Eyes and Think of England, first produced in London, 1977, published by English Theatre Guild, 1978.
  • (with Dave Freeman) Key for Two, first produced in London, 1982, published by Samuel French, Inc., 1983.
  • Writings;FILM
  • Dry Rot, Independent Film Distributors/British Lion, 1956.
  • Nothing Barred, British Lion, 1961.
  • Make Mine a Double (also known as The Night We Dropped a Clanger), Ellis,1962.
  • Not Now, Darling, Dimension, 1975.
  • (with Ray Cooney and Terence Marcel) There Goes the Bride, Vanguard, 1980.
  • Hugh and I, Blandings Castle, and (with Eric Merriman) Happily Ever After.
  • Writings;PLAYS
  • Fresh Fields, Thames Television, 1983.
  • Also What a Drag and Between the Balance Sheets.

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