Harvey Bernhard Biography (1924-)

Born March 5, 1924, in Seattle, WA; son of Moe and Rose Minnie (Cohn) Bernhard; married Lillian Vera Kramer, June 23, 1962; children: Craig Allen. Politics: Republican. Religion: Jewish. Career: Producer and writer. Real estate executive, Seattle, WA, 1947-50; Last Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, entertainer, 1950; production partner with Sandy Howard, 1958-60; David L. Wolper Productions, Los Angeles, CA, vice president of production, 1961-68; Metromedia Producers Association (some sources cite MPC), Los Angeles,CA, vice president of production, 1968-70; Harvey Bernhard Entertainment, Inc., president. Military service: U.S. Naval Reserve, 1943-45, served in Europe. Addresses: Contact: Allen Susman, Rosenfeld, Meyer and Susman, 9601 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Producer, writer
Birth Details
March 5, 1924
Seattle, Washington, United States

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