Jerry Houser Biography (1952-)

Born July 14, 1952, in Los Angeles, CA.

Birth Details
July 14, 1952
Los Angeles, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Oscy, Summer of '42, Warner Bros., 1971
  • Arthur Simms, Bad Company, Paramount, 1972
  • Oscy, Class of '44 (also known as Tre kompisar), Warner Bros., 1973
  • Killer Carlson, Slap Shot, MCA/Universal, 1977
  • Cab driver, Magic, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1978
  • Gas station attendant #1, Seems Like Old Times (also known as Neil Simon's Seems Like Old Times), Columbia, 1980
  • Gary Reed, Years of the Beast, Gospel Films, 1981
  • Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines (animated), Sumbow Pictures, 1985
  • Tim, Another You, 1991
  • Voice of Slim, Annabelle's Wish (animated), 1997
  • Voice, A Christmas Carol (animated), 1997
  • Mark's father, Answer (short film), 2002
  • Voice of Mr. Zuckerman, Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure (animated), Paramount, 2003
  • Film Work
  • Additional voices, Aladdin (animated), 1992
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Orderly Haskell, The New Temperatures Rising Show (also known as Temperatures Rising), ABC, 1973
  • Michael "Muff" Platt, We'll Get By, CBS, 1975
  • Wally Logan, The Brady Brides, NBC, 1981
  • Voice of Shiner, The Biskitts (animated), CBS, 1982
  • Voice of Sci-Fi, G.I. Joe (animated; also known as Chijo saikyono Expert Team G.I. Joe), syndicated, 1983
  • Voice of Sandstorm, Transformers (animated; also known as SuperGod Robot Force, Tatakae! Cho robot seimeitai Tranformers, TheTransformers, Transformers: 2010, and Transformers: Generation1), syndicated, 1984
  • Wally Logan, The Bradys, CBS, 1990
  • Voice of Sci-Fi, G.I. Joe (animated), 1990
  • Voice of Grizzle, Zazoo U (animated), Fox, 1990
  • Voice of Ben Shepard, Adventures in Odyssey (animated), 1998
  • Movies
  • Daniel Marvin, S.O.S. Titanic, ABC, 1979
  • Les Auge, Miracle on Ice, ABC, 1981
  • Ed Appleton, The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite, syndicated,1981
  • Warren, Forbidden Love, CBS, 1982
  • The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, 1984
  • The Three Kings, ABC, 1987
  • Wally Logan, A Very Brady Christmas, CBS, 1988
  • Voice of Bamm-Bamm Rubble, I Yabba-Dabba Do! (animated), ABC, 1993
  • Voice of Bamm-Bamm Rubble, Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby (animated), ABC, 1993
  • Nick, Nick and Noel, 1993
  • Pilots
  • Muff Platt, We'll Get By, CBS, 1974
  • Wes Daley, Three Times Daley, CBS, 1976
  • Captain Jules Meyer, The Fighting Nightingales, CBS, 1978
  • Jason Slatterly, Living in Paradise, NBC, 1981
  • Wally Logan, The Brady Girls Get Married (also known as The Brady Brides), NBC, 1981
  • Voice of Niner, K-9000, Fox, 1991
  • Specials
  • Brandt Hillman, Goldie and the Bears, ABC, 1985
  • Voice of Meako, Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers (animated), syndicated, 1987
  • Voice of Ross, Cathy's Valentine (animated), CBS, 1989
  • Gene, The Boss, PBS, 1989
  • Voice of Papageno the Birdman, The Magic Flute (animated), ABC, 1994
  • Himself, Brady Bunch: The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 1999
  • Episodic
  • Bryan Welles, "Game of Terror," The F.B.I., ABC, 1971
  • Paul Thayer, "The Murdering Class," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1973
  • Steve Frazier, "Maude's Nephew," Maude, CBS, 1976
  • Manny Edison (some sources cite Monty Anderson), "The Killer on Campus,"Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1977
  • The robber, "Episode 11," Soap, ABC, 1977
  • Danker, "The Grim Reaper," M*A*S*H, CBS, 1977
  • Richard Foster, "Bright Flashes," CHiPs, NBC, 1982
  • Jeff, "The Honeymoon Is Over," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1982
  • Jeffe, "First Things First," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1982
  • Calvin Greenfield, "Burden of the Beast," Simon & Simon, CBS,1985
  • Coach, "The Loyal Opposition," Buchanan H.S., syndicated, 1985
  • Coach, "Deadline," Buchanan H.S., syndicated, 1985
  • "Love and the Girl of My Dreams," New Love, American Style, ABC, 1986
  • Philip "Phil" Monroe, Sr., The Adventures of McGee and Me (also known as McGee and Me), 1986
  • Craig Moore, "The Lovelorn," Matlock, 1988
  • Voice of crook #1/kidnapper, "Molly Cuddled," TaleSpin, syndicated, 1990
  • Voice of policeman, "Bullethead Baloo," TaleSpin, syndicated, 1991
  • Voice of Hamstring, "Clash Reunion," Darkwing Duck (animated), ABCand syndicated, 1992
  • "Zygote Music," Mighty Max, 1994
  • Voices of Tronus and Larnus, "Planet of the Humans," Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys (animated), syndicated, 1997
  • "Sex, Lies, and Activewear," Renegade, USA Network and syndicated,1997
  • Voice, "A Trophied Duck," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1997
  • Also appeared as Jeremy Fenton, It Takes Two, ABC; second attorney, Courthouse, CBS; voice, Droopy, Master Detective (animated);voice of Beast and Biker, "Queasy Rider," Goof Troop (animated); voiceof Spud, "The Goof, The Bad and the Ugly/Nightmare on Goof S," Goof Troop (animated); voice of Wally the Con Man, "O-R-V-I-N-U," Goof Troop(animated); voice of Bartholomew, The Gary Coleman Show (animated), NBC; voice, Super Sunday (animated), syndicated; voice, Super PowersTeam: Galactic Guardians (animated), ABC; voice, Tom and Jerry Kids Show (animated), Fox; voice, The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda (animated), syndicated; voice, Prostars (animated), NBC; voice, What-A-Mess (animated), ABC.
  • Television Work
  • Series
  • Additional voices, The Smurfs (animated; also known as Smurfs'Adventures), NBC, 1981
  • Additional voices, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (animated), ABC, 1988-1991
  • Episodic
  • Provided additional voices, Fantastic Max (animated); additional voices, Foofur (animated); additional voices, The Further Adventuresof Superted (animated).

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