Wilfrid Hyde-White Biography (1903-1991)

Born May 12, 1903, in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, England; died ofcongestive heart failure, May, 1991, in Woodland Hills, CA; son of William Edward (a minister) and Ethel Adelaide (Drought) White; married Blanche Hope Aitken (an actress under the stage name Blanche Glynne), 1927 (marriage ended,1948); married Ethel Korenman (an actress under the stage name Ethel Drew),1957; children: (first marriage) Michael; (second marriage) Alexander Punch,Juliet.

Birth Details
May 12, 1903
Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, England
Death Details
Woodland Hills, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Credits; Film Appearances
  • Brooks, Josser on the Farm, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1934.
  • Mr. Stallybrass, Admirals All, RKO Radio Pictures, 1935.
  • Night Mail, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1935.
  • Smith's Wives, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1935.
  • Rembrandt, United Artists (UA), 1936.
  • Alastair Dane, Murder by Rope, Paramount, 1936.
  • Philo Vance, The Scarab Murder Case, Paramount, 1936.
  • Charles, Change for a Sovereign, First National, 1937.
  • Commissioner, Elephant Boy, UA, 1937.
  • Police constable, I've Got a Horse, British Lion, 1938.
  • Mr. Wilson, Meet Mr. Penny, Associated British Films, 1938.
  • Lord Battersby, The Lambeth Walk, MGM, 1940.
  • Removal man, Turned Out Nice Again, UA, 1941.
  • Pettifer, Asking for Trouble, British National, 1942.
  • Ganier, Lady from Lisbon, Anglo-American, 1942.
  • Waiter, Adventure for Two (also known as The Demi-Paradise), General Films Distributors, 1945.
  • Night Boat to Dublin, Pathe, 1946.
  • Wanted for Murder (also known as A Voice in the Night), Twentieth Century- Fox, 1946.
  • Staff captain, Ghosts of Berkeley Square, British National, 1947.
  • News editor, Meet Me at Dawn (also known as The Gay Duelist), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1947.
  • Mr. Culver, Affairs of Adelaide (also known as Forbidden Street and Britannia Mews), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1949.
  • Mr. Hopton, The Bad Lord Byron, General Films Distributors, 1949.
  • Lord Pennistone, Conspirator, MGM, 1949.
  • Dr. B. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Helter Skelter, General Films Distributors, 1949.
  • Professor Grollet, The Man on the Eiffel Tower, RKO Radio Pictures, 1949.
  • Mr. Gaige, My Brother Jonathan, Allied Artists, 1949.
  • Harding, My Brother's Keeper, Eagle Lion, 1949.
  • Solicitor, One Woman's Story (also known as The Passionate Friends), Universal, 1949.
  • Second club man, "The Colonel's Lady," Quartet, Eagle Lion, 1949.
  • Colonel Bradley, Adam and Evelyne (also known as Adam and Evalyn), Two Cities, 1950.
  • Simmerl, The Angel with the Trumpet, British Lion, 1950.
  • Agno, Golden Salamander, General Films Distributors, 1950.
  • Luke, Highly Dangerous, Lippert, 1950.
  • Mr. Potts, If This Be Sin (also known as That Dangerous Age), London Films, 1950.
  • Chalfont, Last Holiday, Stratford, 1950.
  • Tucker, The Mudlark, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1950.
  • Crabbin, The Third Man, London Films, 1950.
  • Grey, Trio, Paramount, 1950.
  • Male receptionist, While the Sun Shines, Monogram-Stratford, 1950.
  • Wilkinson, The Winslow Boy, Eagle Lion, 1950.
  • Fisher, No Highway in the Sky (also known as No Highway), Twentieth Century- Fox, 1951.
  • Lord Dearsley, Blackmailed, General Films Distributors, 1951.
  • Frobisher, The Browning Version, General Films Distributors, 1951.
  • Mr. Knight, Midnight Episode, Columbia, 1951.
  • Mr. May, Mr. Drake's Duck, UA, 1951.
  • Vinck, Outcast of the Islands, British Lion, 1952.
  • Lord, The Promoter (also known as The Card), Universal, 1952.
  • Mr. Marston, The Great Gilbert and Sullivan (also known as TheStory of Gilbert and Sullivan), UA, 1953.
  • Woods, Mr. Denning Drives North, Carroll Pictures, 1953.
  • Sir Hubert Wells, Mr. Potts Goes to Moscow (also known as Top Secret), Stratford, 1953.
  • General Charles Larraby, Betrayed, MGM, 1954.
  • Roderick Montpelier, Man with a Million (also known as The Million Pound Note), UA, 1954.
  • Lord Stoneleigh, The Rainbow Jacket, General Films Distributors, 1954.
  • Brigadier Buskin, See How They Run, British Lion, 1955.
  • Mr. Starke, Cash on Delivery (also known as To Dorothy, a Son), RKO Radio Pictures, 1956.
  • Colonel Keene, The March Hare, British Lion, 1956.
  • The Adventures of Quentin Durward, MGM, 1956.
  • Sir Maurice Lawes, City after Midnight (also known as That Woman Opposite), Monarch, 1957.
  • Sir James, John and Julie, British Lion, 1957.
  • "Doodles" Fletcher, Tarzan and the Lost Safari, MGM, 1957.
  • Sir George Tavistock, The Truth about Women, Continental Distributing, 1958.
  • Admiral Foley, Up the Creek, Dominant, 1958.
  • Sir Bertram, Wonderful Things!, Associated British-Pathe, 1958.
  • Colonel, Carry On, Nurse, Anglo-Amalgamated, 1959.
  • Robert Brady, The Circle (also known as The Vicious Circle), Kassler Films, 1959.
  • Charles, The Lady Is a Square, Pathe Associated British Films, 1959.
  • Hubert Foxley, Libel, MGM, 1959.
  • Professor Bourne-Evans, Life in Emergency Ward 10, Eros, 1959.
  • Sir Joseph, Teenage Bad Girl (also known as My Teenage Daughter and Bad Girl), DCA, 1959.
  • John Wales, Let's Make Love, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.
  • Sylvester Marin, Ada, MGM, 1961.
  • Charles Dunton, His and Hers, Eros, 1961.
  • Colonel Somerset, On the Double, Paramount, 1961.
  • Reverend Basil "Soapy" Fowler, Two-Way Stretch, International ShowCorp. of America, 1961.
  • Lord Glenarvan, In Search of the Castaways, Buena Vista, 1962.
  • Montague, Crooks Anonymous, Janus Films, 1963.
  • Mustafa Guz, John Goldfarb, Please Come Home, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1964.
  • Colonel Hugh Pickering, My Fair Lady, Warner Brothers, 1964.
  • Trowbridge, Operation Snafu (also known as On the Fiddle, War Head, and Operation War Head), American International, 1965.
  • Judge Cannon, Ten Little Indians, Seven Arts, 1965.
  • General Lockwood, You Must Be Joking! Columbia, 1965.
  • Arthur Fairbrother, Bang, Bang, You're Dead! (also known as OurMan in Marrakesh and Marrakesh), American International, 1966.
  • Harold Blount, Chamber of Horrors, Warner Brothers, 1966.
  • Chief, The Liquidator, MGM, 1966.
  • Lord Uffingham, The Sandwich Man, Rank, 1966.
  • Colonel Baisbrook, The Million Eyes of Su-Muru, American International, 1967.
  • Billings-Browne, P. J. (also known as New Face in Hell), Universal, 1968.
  • The governor, Gaily, Gaily (also known as Chicago, Chicago), UA, 1969.
  • Ship's captain, The Magic Christian, Commonwealth, 1970.
  • Eaton, Skullduggery, Universal, 1970.
  • Mr. Copsey, Fragment of Fear, Columbia, 1971.
  • King Solomon's Treasure, Canafox-Towers, 1978.
  • Lord Home, No Longer Alone, World Wide, 1978.
  • Anton, Battlestar Galactica, Universal, 1979.
  • Cyrus West, The Cat and the Canary, Cinema Shares, 1979.
  • Abbot Thelonius, In God We Trust, Universal, 1980.
  • Judge Miller, Oh God! Book II, Warner Brothers, 1980.
  • Club member, Tarzan, the Ape Man, MGM/UA, 1981.
  • Barkley, The Toy, Columbia, 1982.
  • Appeared as voice of the heavenly man in Xanadu, 1980, and Mr. Barville in Fanny Hill, 1983. Also appeared in North West Frontier, 1959, Aliki--My Love, 1963, and Heartburn, 1986.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Series
  • Martin Peyton, Peyton Place, ABC, 1967.
  • Emerson Marshall, The Associates, ABC, 1979-80.
  • Dr. Goodfellow, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, NBC, 1981.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Movies
  • Morris Vanders, The Sunshine Patriot, NBC, 1968.
  • Dr. Ralph Sawyer, Run a Crooked Mile, NBC, 1969.
  • Harry Snowden, Fear No Evil, NBC, 1969.
  • Harry Snowden, Ritual of Evil, NBC, 1970.
  • Berger, A Brand New Life, ABC, 1973.
  • Superintendent Melville, The Great Houdini, ABC, 1976.
  • General Howe, The Rebels, syndicated, 1979.
  • Bishop Maigret, Damien: The Leper Priest, NBC, 1980.
  • Nuncle Toby Bartlett, Scout's Honor, NBC, 1980.
  • Judge, The Letter, ABC, 1982.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Episodic
  • "The Priceless Locket," Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents the Rheingold Theater, NBC, 1953.
  • "The Little Black Book," Lilli Palmer Theater, syndicated, 1956.
  • "Mrs. Gilling and the Skyscraper," Alcoa Hour, NBC, 1957.
  • "An Absence of Tears," Route 66, CBS, 1961.
  • "Monument to an Aged Hunter," Ben Casey, ABC, 1962.
  • "Passage to Lady Anne," Twilight Zone, CBS, 1963.
  • "Evidence of Things not Seen," Ben Casey, ABC, 1964.
  • "From Sutter's Crick and Beyond Farewell," Ben Casey, ABC, 1965.
  • "When Givers Prove Unkind," Ben Casey, ABC, 1965.
  • "The Man From Quasilia," Ben Casey, ABC, 1965.
  • "Why Did the Day Go Backwards?," Ben Casey, ABC, 1965.
  • "Wind Fever," Bob Hope Chrysler Theater, NBC, 1966.
  • "Echo of Yesterday," Mission: Impossible, CBS, 1967.
  • "Then Who Will Hang from the Hardarm if Willy Gets Away?" Daniel Boone, NBC, 1968.
  • "The Suntan Mob," Name of the Game, NBC, 1969.
  • "To Lure a Man," It Takes a Thief, ABC, 1969.
  • "Ordeal," Paris 7000, ABC, 1970.
  • "I Said the Sparrow," The Most Deadly Game, NBC, 1972.
  • "Dagger of the Mind," Columbo, NBC, 1972.
  • "Our Lady in London," Get Christie Love, ABC, 1975.
  • "Last Salute to the Commodore," McCloud, NBC, 1976.
  • "Saga of a Star World," Battlestar Galactica, ABC, 1978.
  • "A Way to Live," Vegas, ABC, 1979.
  • Laverne and Shirley, ABC, 1980.
  • "Wuthering Heights," Fantasy Island, ABC, 1982.
  • "Brentwood's Mom," The Two of Us, CBS, 1982.
  • Filthy Rich, CBS, 1983.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Pilots
  • Lionel, Sybil, CBS, 1965.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Specials
  • Lucy in London, CBS, 1966.
  • Credits; Stage Appearances
  • Maitland, Tons of Money, Ryde Theatre, Isle of Wight, 1922.
  • Juror, Beggar on Horseback, Queen's Theatre, London, 1925.
  • Courtier, The Firebrand, Wyndham's Theatre, London, 1926.
  • Alphonse, The Rat, Prince of Wales Theatre, London, 1927.
  • Advocate-General, No Other Tiger, St. James's Theatre, London, 1928.
  • Police sergeant, The Man at Six, Queen's Theatre, 1929.
  • Salterthwaite, The Grain of Mustard Seed, Ambassador Theatre, London, 1930.
  • Mr. Carrington, The Crime at Blossoms, Playhouse Theatre, London,1931.
  • P. C. Peck, A Bit of a Test, Aldwych Theatre, London, 1933.
  • Marks, The Terror, Lyceum Theatre, London, 1933.
  • Marquess of Arlesford, The Aunt of England, Savoy Theatre, London,1935.
  • General Gratz, Sauce for the Goose, St. Martin's Theatre, London,1936.
  • The man, Her Last Adventure, Ambassador Theatre, 1936.
  • In Town Again, Criterion Theatre, London, 1940.
  • Rise above It, Comedy Theatre, London, 1941, revised version, 1942.
  • It's about Time, Comedy Theatre, 1942.
  • George Prout, It Depends What You Mean, Westminster Theatre, London, 1944.
  • Charles Brunel, My Wives and I, Strand Theatre, London, 1947.
  • Sir Alec Dunne, Under the Counter, Shubert Theater, New York City,1947.
  • Christopher Benson, Happy with Either, St. James's Theatre, 1948.
  • William Tracey, The Philadelphia Story, Duchess Theatre, London, 1949.
  • Brittanus, Caesar and Cleopatra, St. James's Theatre, 1951, laterat Ziegfeld Theatre, New York City, 1951.
  • Lemprius Euphronius, Antony and Cleopatra, St. James's Theatre, 1951, later at Ziegfeld Theatre, 1951.
  • Philip Russell, Affairs of State, Cambridge Theatre, London, 1952.
  • Jimmy Broadbent, The Reluctant Debutante, Cambridge Theatre, 1955,later at Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, 1956.
  • William, A Kind of Folly, Duchess Theatre, 1955.
  • Antony Drexel Biddle, The Happiest Millionaire, Pavilion Theatre,Bournemouth, England, 1957.
  • Andrew Bennett, Not in the Book, Criterion Theatre, 1958.
  • Richard Pell, Miss Pell Is Missing, Criterion Theatre, 1962.
  • Sir Ralph Bloomfield-Bonington, The Doctor's Dilemma, Haymarket Theatre, London, 1963.
  • Lord Augustus Lorton, Lady Windermere's Fan, Phoenix Theatre, London, 1966.
  • Marquis of Candover, The Jockey Club Stakes, Vaudeville Theatre, London, 1970, later at Cort Theatre, New York City, 1973.
  • George Triple, Meeting at Night, Duke of York's Theatre, London, 1971.
  • Father Anthony Perfect, The Prodigal Daughter, Eisenhower Theatre,Washington, DC, 1973.
  • Mackenzie Savage, The Pleasure of His Company, Phoenix Theatre, 1976.
  • Earl of Caversham, An Ideal Husband, Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, England, 1976.
  • Claude Johnson, Rolls Hyphen Royce, Shaftesbury Theatre, London, 1977.
  • Appeared as Captain Batty-Jones, A Lady Reflects, "Q" Theatre, 1940; Henry Poole, Hippo Dancing, Golders Green Hippodrome and later at the Lyric Theatre, 1954; and as Lord Chesterfield, A Perfect Gentleman,1977. Also appeared in the revue, Come Out of Your Shell, Embassy Theatre, 1940. Toured as Marks, The Terror, 1928; and as Kenneth Doble, Elusive Lady, 1946. Toured South Africa, 1932.

Further Reference


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