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Full name, John Gregory Bettis; born October 24, 1946, in Long Beach, CA; sonof Wayne Douglas and Nellie Jane (House) Bettis. Avocational interests: Scuba diving, sailing, travel, farm. Career: Lyricist. Songwriter for Almo Music, Hollywood, CA, 1970-76, Warner/Chappel Music, Beverly Hills, CA, 1976-82, and John Bettis Music, Sunset Beach, CA, 1982-; also affiliated with the publishing company words by john. Co-founder of The Carpenters. Member: National Academy of Songwriters (member of the board of directors,1980-94, chair of the board of directors, 1985-87), American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (member of the board of review, 1982-88, memberof the board of directors, 1995-). Awards, Honors: Gold records, Recording Industry of America, 1973, for "Yesterday One More," 1974, for "Top ofthe World," 1981, for "Slow Hand," 1985, for "Crazy for You," and recipient of other gold records; Grammy Award, album of the year--thriller, 1983, for "Human Nature"; Emmy Award nomination (with Steve Dorff), outstanding music andlyrics, 1985, for "As Long As We Got Each Other," the theme song for Growing Pains; Top Television Series Awards, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, 1986, for Growing Pains, 1987, for Just theTen of Us, and 1990, for Empty Nest; Emmy Award nomination (withSteve Dorff and Christopher Cross), outstanding music and lyrics, 1987, for "Aloha," Growing Pains; Emmy Award, 1989, for "One Moment in Time"; Grammy Award nomination, 1991, for "Can You Stop the Rain?"; Academy Award nomination (with Carmine Coppola), best original song, 1991, for "Promise Me You'll Remember," from The Godfather Part III; Los Angeles Drama Critics Award, 1999, for The Last Session; recipient of numerous platinum records from the Recording Industry of America; recipient of numerous Performance Awards from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Addresses: Office: John Bettis Music, P.O. Box 668, Sunset Beach, CA 90742-0668.

Birth Details
October 24, 1946
Long Beach, California, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Episodic
  • "The Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak," Biography, Arts and Entertainment,
  • The Carpenters (documentary), PBS,
  • The Carpenters (documentary), VH1,
  • Albums
  • Annabelle's Wish (also known as Annabelle's Christmas Wish;soundtrack for television special), Blue Eye/Rising Tide Records,
  • Contributor to the theatrical cast albums Lunch and Say Goodnight, both DRG Records.
  • Singles
  • "Heartland," Warner Bros.,
  • Song Lyrics for Films
  • "Slow Hand," Partners, Paramount,
  • "Nights Are Forever," Twilight Zone: The Movie, Warner Bros.,
  • "Love Comes without Warning," The Lonely Guy, Universal,
  • Title song, Body Rock, New World Pictures,
  • "If It Was Only Up to Me" and "Dangerous Eyes," Oh God! You Devil,Warner Bros.,
  • "Crazy for You," Vision Quest, Warner Bros.,
  • "Ringle Rangle," "Bumps and Hollow," and "My True Love's Eyes," Legend, Universal,
  • "New Looks," National Lampoon's European Vacation (also known as European Vacation), Warner Bros.,
  • "Two into One," Cobra, Warner Bros.,
  • (With Steve Dorff and Phil Brown) "Tangled Up in You" and "Pretty Face,"Ratboy, Warner Bros.,
  • "Fool for Love," The Men's Club, Atlantic Releasing,
  • "Loving Strangers," Nothing in Common, TriStar,
  • "Some Things Live Forever," Back to the Beach, Paramount,
  • "Wild Again," Cocktail, Buena Vista,
  • (With Jimmy Erichson and Michael Sadler) "Perfect Stranger," Johnny BeGood, Orion,
  • "Human Nature," Moonwalker (also known as Michael Jackson: Moonwalker) Ultimate Productions,
  • (With David Foster and K. Diamond) "Who's Gonna Love You Tonight," Listen to Me, Columbia,
  • "All for Love," Say Anything, Twentieth Century-Fox,
  • "The Moon's a Window to Heaven," Star Trek V: The Final Frontier,Paramount,
  • "Promise Me You'll Remember," The Godfather Part III (also known as Mario Puzo's The Godfather Part III), Paramount,
  • "You Never Know," Curly Sue, Warner Bros.,
  • "Under the Christmas Tree," All I Want for Christmas, Paramount,
  • "Slow Hand," Showdown in Little Tokyo, Warner Bros.,
  • "Friday Night's a Great Night for Football," The Last Boy Scout, Warner Bros.,
  • "I Can't Believe My Eyes," Mannequin Two: On the Move, Twentieth Century-Fox,
  • "Heartland," Pure Country, Warner Bros.,
  • "Right Here (Human Nature Remix)," Free Willy, Warner Bros.,
  • "Once in Awhile," 8 Seconds (also known as 8 Seconds to Glory and The Lane Frost Story), New Line Cinema,
  • "Top of the World," High School High, TriStar,
  • Song Lyrics for Television
  • Series
  • "As Long As We Got Each Other" (theme song), Growing Pains, ABC,
  • "Room Enough for Two" (theme song), My Sister Sam, CBS,
  • Just the Ten of Us, ABC,
  • "Life Goes On" (theme song), Empty Nest, NBC,
  • Theme song, Free Spirit, ABC,
  • Uncle Buck, CBS,
  • Nurses, NBC,
  • Theme song, Home Free, ABC,
  • Lyricist for "When It Feels Like the Whole World's Watching," Murphy Brown.
  • Specials
  • "Takin' on the World Together," in "Mabel and Max," CBS Summer Playhouse, CBS,
  • "Human Nature," Miles and Friends, Bravo,
  • Various songs, "Annabelle's Wish" (also known as "Annabelle's Christmas Wish"), Hallmark Hall of Fame,
  • Episodic
  • (With Christopher Cross) "Aloha," Growing Pains, ABC,
  • Song Lyrics for the Stage, Unless Otherwise Noted
  • Svengali, The Alley Theatre,
  • Lunch, San Jose Civic Light Opera, San Jose, CA, Broadway production,
  • Say Goodnight, Broadway production,
  • Additional lyrics (with Marie Cain), The Last Session, 47th StreetTheatre, New York City, beginning in then Tiffany Theatre, Los Angeles, CA,
  • Also involved in a production of Heartland, a musical based on thefilm Pure Country.
  • Song Lyrics for the Stage
  • Major Tours
  • Lunch, U.S. cities,
  • Song Lyrics
  • "Goodby to Love,"
  • "Yesterday Once More,"
  • "Top of the World,"
  • "Only Yesterday,"
  • "Only One Love in My Life,"
  • "Slow Hand,"
  • "Human Nature,"
  • "Nights Are Forever,"
  • "Crazy for You,"
  • "One Moment in Time,"
  • "Heartland,"
  • "Can You Stop the Rain?,"

Further Reference


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