Amiri Baraka Biography (1934-)

Born Everett LeRoi Jones, October 7, 1934, in Newark, NJ; son of Coyette LeRoi (a postal supervisor) and Anna Lois (a social worker; maiden name, Russ) Jones; changed name to Imamu Amiri Baraka, 1968; dropped honorific title, Imamu(spiritual leader), 1974; married Hettie Roberta Cohen, October 13, 1958 (divorced, August 1965); married Sylvia Robinson (later called Bibi Amina Barakaand Amina Baraka), August, 1966; children: Kellie Elisabeth, Lisa Victoria (first marriage); Obalaji Malik Ali, Ras Jua Al Aziz, Shani Isis Makeda, AmiriSeku Musa, Ahi Mwenge (second marriage). Addresses: OFFICE: Department of Africana Studies, State University of New York, Long Island, NY 11794-4340. AGENT: Joan Brandt, Sterling Lord Agency, 660 Madison Ave., New York, NY10021.

Birth Details
October 7, 1934
Newark, New Jersey, United States

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