Marcus Chong Biography (1967-)

Original name, Marcus Wyatt; born July 8, 1967, in Seattle, WA; adopted son of Tommy Chong (an actor); brother of Rae Dawn Chong (an actress) and Robbi Chong (an actor).

Birth Details
July 8, 1967
Seattle, Washington, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • (As Marcus Wyatt) Second kid, Blood Beach, Jerry Gross Organization, 1981
  • (As Wyatt) Troy Long, Evil Altar, Southgate Video, 1989
  • Other guest at party, Venice/Venice, Rainbow Releasing, 1992
  • Terry Cosmos, American Heart, Triton Pictures, 1993
  • Huey Newton, Panther, Gramercy, 1995
  • Freethrow, Pure Danger, PM Entertainment Group, 1996
  • Tank, The Matrix, Warner Bros., 1999
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Miguel Mendez, Street Justice, syndicated, 1992-1993
  • Movies
  • Dragonfly, Flight of Black Angel, Showtime, 1991
  • Fu Qua Johnson, Vanishing Son, syndicated, 1994
  • Fu Qua Johnson, Vanishing Son II, syndicated, 1994
  • (As Marcus S. Chong) Fu Qua Johnson, Vanishing Son IV, syndicated,1994
  • Jordan Barnes, High Freakquency (also known as 24/7 Radio),Black Entertainment Television, 1998
  • Episodic
  • Samson, "Blind Journey: Part 2," Little House on the Prairie, NBC,1978
  • (As Marcus Wyatt) Young boy, "Starstruck," The Facts of Life, NBC,1982
  • Tim, "The Way Home," Hard Time on Planet Earth, 1989
  • Miguel Mendez, Street Justice, syndicated, 1991
  • Ramsey Coleman, "A Coupla Stiffs," Chicago Hope, CBS, 1995
  • Darrell Guan, "Inheritance," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(also known as Law & Order: SVU), NBC and USA Network, 2001
  • John "Johnny" West, "Seizure," Law & Order: Criminal Intent, NBC, 2002
  • Appeared as Quincy Pettigrew in an episode of A Different World; also appeared in episodes of Beauty and the Beast, Generations,and True Colors.
  • Pilots
  • George, The Knife and Gun Club, ABC, 1990
  • Stage Appearances
  • Lee Cortez, Stand-up Tragedy, Criterion Theatre, New York City, 1990
  • The Square, Actor's Gang Theatre, Los Angeles, 2000
  • Appeared in a New York City production of Widows.
  • Music Videos
  • Appeared in "Temptations" by Tupac Shakur.

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