Terence Bayler Biography (1930-)

Born January 24, 1930, in Wanganui, New Zealand; son of Harold (a stagehand)and Amy (Allomes) Bayler; married Bridget Armstrong, 1958 (divorced, 1978); children: Michael, Lucy.

Birth Details
January 24, 1930
Wanganui, New Zealand

Famous Works

  • Credits; Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) Narrator, Hiawatha, Royal Albert Hall, London, 1953.
  • Dion, Critic's Choice, Vaudeville Theatre, London, 1961.
  • Forster, The Right Honorable Gentleman, Her Majesty's Theatre, London, 1964.
  • Hopper, Lady Windermere's Fan, Phoenix Theatre, London, 1966.
  • Nicholas, Sign Here Please, Whitehall Theatre, London, 1967.
  • Giles, The Mousetrap, Ambassadors Theatre, London, 1968.
  • Narrator, The Rocky Horror Show, Kings Road Theatre, London, 1974.
  • Slater, Pass the Butler, Globe Theatre, London, 1982.
  • Willis, Ratepayer's Iolanthe, Phoenix Theatre, London, 1984.
  • Mr. Bargary, Sir Jasper Jaggers, PW Botha, and Arts Council Man, Small Expectations, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 1986.
  • Wyke, The Magistrate, The National Theatre Company, Lyttelton Theatre, London, 1986.
  • Detective-Inspector Bryant, Budgie, Cambridge Theatre, London, 1988.
  • Cominius, Coriolanus, The Young Vic, London, 1989.
  • Credits; Film Appearances
  • Tom, Broken Barrier, Pacific Films, 1952.
  • Macduff, Macbeth, Columbia, 1972.
  • Gregory, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Warner Bros., 1979.
  • John Rochfort, Pictures, Pacific Films, 1981.
  • Lucien, Time Bandits, Handmade Films, 1981.
  • TV commercial presenter, Brazil, Universal, 1985.
  • Voice, Valhalla (animated), J & M, 1986.
  • Policeman, Crystalstone, CCC of America, 1988.
  • Trimmer, The Remains of the Day, Columbia, 1993.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Movies
  • (Television debut) Robert, Building of Jalna, BBC, 1955.
  • Leggy Mountbatten, The Rutles, NBC, 1978.
  • Colonel Fawcett, The Other Side of Paradise, 1992.
  • General, Lipstick on Your Collar, Channel 4, 1993.
  • Also appeared in Peer Gynt, The Snow Queen, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,Murder Not Proven, The Light Princess, This Office Life, and Artists and Models.
  • Credits; Television Appearances; Other
  • Vendom, "The Ark," Doctor Who (episodic), PBS, 1966.
  • Ashenden (miniseries), Arts and Entertainment, 1992.

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