Aaron Michael Metchik Biography (1980-)

Born April 22, 1980; son of Paul and Robyn Metchik; brother of Asher Metchik(an actor). Addresses: Agent: Gold/Liedtke Agency/TalentWorks, 3500 West Olive Ave., Suite 1400, Burbank, CA 91505; Joanne Halpern, Halpern and Associates, 12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 104, Los Angeles, CA 90025.; Manager: Philippa Burgess, Mason/Burgess/Lifschultz, 3311 Barham Blvd., Los Angeles,CA 90068.

Actor, voice performer, director

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Jeremy Martin, Trading Mom (also known as The Mommy Market), Trimark Pictures, 1994
  • Alan Gray, The Baby-Sitters Club, Columbia, 1995
  • Young Sam Clayton, Feeling Minnesota, Fine Line, 1996
  • Voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, Virtual Oz (animated), Paramount, 1996
  • Voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, Toto Lost in New York (animated), Paramount, 1996
  • Voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt (animated), Paramount, 1996
  • (As Aaron Metchik) Voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, Who Stole Santa? (animated), 1996
  • (As Aaron Metchik) Voice of Jack Pumpkinhead, Christmas in Oz (animated short film), 1996
  • (As Aaro Metichik) Voice of Jack, Journey beneath the Sea (animated), 1997
  • Voice of Ithicles, Hercules (animated), Buena Vista, 1997
  • Alex, Pumpkin Hill (short film), 1999
  • Film Director
  • Jenny (short film), 1999
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Steven Floyd Torkelson, The Torkelsons, NBC, 1991
  • Miniseries
  • Peter, Wild Palms, ABC, 1993
  • Sky Pearce, When Love Kills: The Seduction of John Hearn, CBS, 1993
  • Specials
  • Voice of Nib, The Magic Paintbrush, CBS, 1992
  • Todd, "Me and My Hormones," ABC Afterschool Special, ABC, 1996
  • Pilots
  • Brian, Big Deals, ABC, 1991
  • Safety School, NBC, 1999
  • Episodic
  • Nick, "Orphan Train," Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, CBS, 1994
  • Voice, "Ride the High School," Duckman (animated), USA Network, 1994
  • Stuart Fischer, "Dr. Strangechild," VR.5, Fox, 1995
  • Mike, "Bloodbrothers," Picket Fences, CBS, 1995
  • Jake Burgess, "Life Lessons," Boy Meets World, ABC, 1996
  • Othello, "Spring Breaks: Part 2," Party of Five, Fox, 1996
  • Mitch Morrison, "Genie without a Cause," You Wish, ABC, 1997
  • Brent Jones, "Lawyers, Reporters, and Cockroaches," The Practice,ABC, 1999
  • Appeared as Tim in an episode of Family Rules, UPN; as Skye, For Your Love; and as Tommy, Raven, CBS; also provided voices for "Get Down Here" and "The Switching Hour," episodes of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (animated).

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