Marsha Hunt Biography (1917-)

Born Marcia Virginia Hunt, October 17, 1917, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Earl(a lawyer, insurance company executive, and Social Security administrator) and Minabel (a voice teacher, accompanist, and organist) Hunt; married Jerry Hooper (a film director), November 23, 1938 (divorced, 1945); married Robert Presnell, Jr. (a writer), February 10, 1946; children: one stepson.

Birth Details
October 17, 1917
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Famous Works

  • (Film debut) Mary Lee Calvert, The Virginia Judge, Paramount, 1935.
  • Claire Patterson, The Accusing Finger, Paramount, 1936.
  • Harriet Lindsay, The Arizona Raiders, Paramount, 1936.
  • Sylvia Smith, College Holiday, Paramount, 1936.
  • Jane Belding, Desert Gold, Paramount, 1936.
  • Donna Westlake, Easy to Take, Paramount, 1936.
  • Julia Atwater, Gentle Julia, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1936.
  • Patricia Blakeford, Hollywood Boulevard, Paramount, 1936.
  • Julia Clemmens, Annapolis Salute (also known as Salute to Romance), Allied Artists, 1937.
  • Bit, Easy Living, Paramount, 1937.
  • Nellie, Born to the West (also known as Hell Town), Paramount, 1937.
  • Nora Barry, Murder Goes to College, Paramount, 1937.
  • Amy Morgan, Thunder Trail (also known as Thunder Pass), Paramount, 1937.
  • Valerie, Come On, Leathernecks, Republic, 1938.
  • Susan Bowen, The Hardys Ride High, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1939.
  • Kitty Crusper, Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President, MGM, 1939.
  • Martha Sharon, The Long Shot, Grand National, 1939.
  • Barbara, Star Reporter, Monogram, 1939.
  • Betty Ainsbridge, These Glamour Girls, MGM, 1939.
  • Lucy Morgan, Winter Carnival, United Artists (UA), 1939.
  • Barbara Braun, Ellery Queen, Master Detective, Columbia, 1940.
  • Claire, Flight Command, MGM, 1940.
  • Eleanor Worth, Irene, RKO Radio Pictures, 1940.
  • Mary Bennett, Pride and Prejudice, MGM, 1940.
  • Charlotte, Blossoms in the Dust, MGM, 1941.
  • Agatha Hall, The Trial of Mary Dugan, MGM, 1941.
  • Hope Thompson, Cheers for Miss Bishop, UA, 1941.
  • Pauline Miller, I'll Wait for You, MGM, 1941.
  • Katherine Logan, The Penalty, MGM, 1941.
  • Gail Fenton, Unholy Partners, MGM, 1941.
  • Martha Lindstrom, The Affairs of Martha (also known as Once Upon a Thursday), MGM, 1942.
  • Mary Smith, Joe Smith, American (also known as Highway to Freedom), MGM,1942.
  • Jane Mitchell, Kid Glove Killer, MGM, 1942.
  • Leila Tree, Panama Hattie, MGM, 1942.
  • Regina, Seven Sweethearts, MGM, 1942.
  • Flo Norris, Cry Havoc, MGM, 1943.
  • Diana Steed, The Human Comedy, MGM, 1943.
  • Freddie, Pilot Number Five, MGM, 1943.
  • Guest star, Thousands Cheer, MGM, 1943.
  • Sylvia, Bride By Mistake, RKO Radio Pictures, 1944.
  • Katie Mallory, Lost Angel, MGM, 1944.
  • Rosalind, Music for Millions, MGM, 1944.
  • Marja Pacierkowski, None Shall Escape, Columbia, 1944.
  • Evie O'Connor, A Letter for Evie, MGM, 1945.
  • Constance Scott, The Valley of Decision, MGM, 1945.
  • Nora Ryan, Carnegie Hall, UA, 1947.
  • Martha Gray, Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman (also known as A Woman Destroyed), Universal, 1947.
  • Francine Taylor, The Inside Story, Republic, 1948.
  • Ann Martin, Raw Deal, Reliance, 1948.
  • Secretary-receptionist, Jigsaw (also known as Gun Moll), UA, 1949.
  • Title role, Mary Ryan, Detective, Columbia, 1949.
  • Martha Wier, Take One False Step, Universal, 1949.
  • Marcia Tilayou, Actors and Sin, UA, 1952.
  • Susan Bonnard, The Happy Time, Columbia, 1952.
  • Judy Anderson, Diplomatic Passport, Eros, 1954.
  • Anne Dobson, No Place to Hide, Allied Artists, 1956.
  • Katy, Back from the Dead, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1957.
  • Edith Brennan, Bombers B-52, (also known as No Sleep Till Dawn), Warner Bros., 1957.
  • Jessie Bartley, Blue Denim (also known as Blue Jeans), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1959.
  • Kate Miller, The Plunderers, Allied Artists, 1960.
  • Joe's Mother, Johnny Got His Gun, Cinemation, 1971.
  • Leah Wheat, Welcome to the Club, Columbia, 1971.
  • Gaynor, Dracula A.D. 1972 (also known as Dracula Today), Warner Bros., 1972.
  • Song performer, Fade to Black, American Cinema, 1980.
  • Malibu party guest, Rich and Famous, MGM/UA, 1981.
  • Amanda, Brittania Hospital, Universal, 1982.
  • Nurse Jo, The Sender, Paramount, 1982.
  • (As Marsha A. Hunt) Mariana, The Howling II ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf, Thorn-EMI, 1985.
  • Also appeared as Salena, Tank Malling, 1989.
  • (New York debut) Ann, Joy to the World, Plymouth Theatre, New York City,1948.
  • Title role, Laura, Penthouse Theatre, Atlanta, GA, 1950, later Redmont Hotel, Birmingham, AL, 1951.
  • Judith Anderson, The Devil's Disciple, City Center Theatre, then Royale Theatre, both New York City, 1950.
  • Minerva Pinney, Legend of Sarah, Penthouse Theatre, 1951.
  • Gilda, Design for Living, Hilltop Theatre in the Round, Baltimore, MD, 1951.
  • Irene Elliott, Affairs of State, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA, 1952.
  • Sybil, Private Lives, Tenthouse Theatre, Palm Springs, CA, 1953.
  • Barbara, Major Barbara, Glen Aire Country Club, Los Angeles, 1953.
  • Alice, Anniversary Waltz, Carthay Circle Theatre, Los Angeles, 1955.
  • Susan, The Little Hot, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, 1955.
  • Mrs. Stephen Douglas, The Rivalry, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA, 1957.
  • Isolde Poole, The Tunnel of Love, Coconut Playhouse, Miami, FL, 1957, then National Theatre, New York City, 1958.
  • Anna, The King and I, Sacramento Music Circus, Sacramento, CA, 1958.
  • Content Lowell, Marriage-Go-Round, Opera House, Monterey, CA, then Circque Playhouse, Seattle, WA, later Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena CA, all 1961.
  • Mary Follet, All the Way Home, Playhouse-in-the-Park, Philadelphia, PA, 1961.
  • Mary Rhodes, The Complaisant Lover, Avondale Playhouse, Indianapolis, IN,then Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, 1962.
  • Lady Utterwood, Heartbreak House, Theatre Group, Schoenberg Hall, University of California at Los Angeles, 1963.
  • Meg Tynan, The Paisley Convertible, Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, 1967.
  • Also appeared as Ann, Goodbye Again, Princeton, NJ, then Marblehead, MA,1948; appeared in The Man with a Load of Mischief, Cape May, NJ, 1948; appeared as Hannie, Borned in Texas, 1950; Nancy Fallon,A Roomful of Roses, Cincinnati, OH, 1956; title role, Laura, Hartford, CT.
  • Credits; MAJOR TOURS
  • Celia Coplestone, The Cocktail Party, U.S. cities, 1951.
  • Jennet, The Lady's Not for Burning, U.S. cities, 1952-54.
  • Susan, The Little Hot, U.S. cities, 1956.
  • Isolde Poole, The Tunnel of Love, U.S. cities, 1958.
  • Cosmopolitan Theater, syndicated, 1951.
  • No Warning, NBC, 1958.
  • Francesca Fields, The Outer Limits, ABC, 1964.
  • All in the Family, CBS, 1973.
  • Barney Miller, ABC, 1978.
  • Also appeared as Katie's Aunt Cecile, My Three Sons, ABC,CBS; appeared inDanger, CBS; Silver Theater, CBS; Sure as Fate, CBS; and Studio One, CBS.
  • Claire Andrews, Action (pilot), CBS, 1957.
  • Jennifer Peck, Peck's Bad Girl (series), CBS, 1959.
  • Dr. Sara Martin, The Man from Denver (pilot), CBS, 1959.
  • Mrs. Varney, Fear No Evil (movie), NBC, 1969.
  • Dr. Gehlen, Jigsaw (pilot), ABC, 1972.
  • Marge, Terror among Us (movie), CBS, 1981.
  • Producer of A Call from the Stars (documentary), c. 1959.

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