Michael Callan Biography (1935-)

Original name, Martin Harris Calinieff (some sources spell the surname "Calinoff"); born November 22, 1935, in Philadelphia, PA; married Carlyn Chapman, 1960 (divorced, 1967); married Patricia Hardy (an actress), 1967 (divorced); married Karen Malouf (divorced); children: (with Chapman) Dawn, Rebecca.

Actor, producer
Birth Details
November 22, 1935
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Private Andrew Hetherington, They Came to Cordura, Columbia, 1959
  • Rick Rias, The Flying Fontaines, Columbia, 1959
  • Griff Rimer, Because They're Young, Columbia, 1960
  • Dancer, Pepe, Columbia, 1960
  • Eddie Horner, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Columbia, 1961
  • Herbert Brown, Mysterious Island (also known as Jules Verne's Mysterious Island), Columbia, 1961
  • Nick O'Mara, Bon Voyage!, Buena Vista, 1962
  • Chuck, 13 West Street, Columbia, 1962
  • Dr. Alec Considine, The Interns, Columbia, 1962
  • Eldridge, The Victors, Columbia, 1963
  • Dr. Alec Considine, The New Interns, Columbia, 1964
  • Clay Boone, Cat Ballou, Columbia, 1965
  • Lieutenant Tim Morton, You Must Be Joking!, Columbia, 1965
  • Noah Forbes, The Magnificent Seven Ride!, United Artists, 1972
  • Marvin Feldman, Frasier, the Sensuous Lion (also known as Frasier the Lovable Lion), LCS, 1973
  • Robert Kane, Lepke, Warner Bros., 1975
  • The Photographer, Avco Embassy, 1975
  • Eddie, Record City, American International Pictures, 1977
  • Paul Jones, The Cat and the Canary, Columbia, 1979
  • Adrian Wilde, Double Exposure, Crown International Pictures, 1983
  • Martin, Chained Heat (also known as Das Frauenlager), Jensen Farley Pictures, 1983
  • Lieutenant Boyle, Freeway, New World, 1988
  • Mitch, Leprechaun 3, Trimark Pictures, 1995
  • The Last Road (also known as SpeedWay), Allott Productions/Leo Films, 1997
  • Terry Mulligan, Stuck on You, Twentieth Century-Fox, 2003
  • Film Producer
  • Double Exposure, Crown International Pictures, 1983
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Steve Braden, In Name Only, ABC, 1969
  • Steve, "The Gift of Terror," The ABC Afternoon Playbreak, ABC, 1973
  • William Eddy, Donner Pass: The Road to Survival, NBC, 1978
  • Jerry Matson, Last of the Great Survivors, CBS, 1984
  • Hal Wallis, My Wicked, Wicked Ways ... The Legend of Errol Flynn,CBS, 1985
  • Miniseries
  • Charles Colson, Blind Ambition (also known as The John Dean Story), CBS, 1979
  • Alan Wilton, Scruples, CBS, 1980
  • Series
  • Jack Simmons, One Life to Live (also known as One Life to Live:The Summer of Seduction), ABC, 1985-1987
  • John Corben/Metallo, a recurring role, Superboy (also known as The Adventures of Superboy), syndicated, between 1989 and 1992
  • Appeared as Peter Christopher in the series Occasional Wife, NBC;also appeared in the series Honeymoon Suite.
  • Episodic
  • "Tears from a Silver Dipper," Arrest and Trial, ABC, 1963
  • Charles Devereaux, "Quid Pro Quo," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1964
  • Sergeant Driscoll, "The Suspected," Twelve O'Clock High, ABC, 1964
  • Guest, American Bandstand, 1965
  • Charlie Hunter, "Quantico," The F.B.I., ABC, 1966
  • Captain Powell, "Decoy," Twelve O'Clock High, ABC, 1966
  • Guest panelist, The Hollywood Squares, NBC, 1966, 1967
  • Greg Richards, "Girl of My Dreams," Journey to the Unknown, 1968
  • Tyler Edwards, "The Love Victim," Felony Squad, ABC, 1968
  • "Ring of Steel," The F.B.I., ABC, 1968
  • "Love and a Couple of Couples," Love, American Style, ABC, 1969
  • Bobby Miller, "Fix My Screen and Bug Out," That Girl, 1969
  • Harry L. Springer, "Gamble with Death," The F.B.I., ABC, 1969
  • "Love and the Watchdog," Love, American Style, ABC, 1969
  • "Echo of a Nightmare," The Name of the Game, 1970
  • "Aquarius Descending," The Name of the Game, NBC, 1970
  • "Love and the Man Next Door," Love, American Style, ABC, 1970
  • Chuck Pelligrini, "Smokey the Bear Wants You," Mary Tyler Moore (also known as The Mary Tyler Moore Show), CBS, 1971
  • "Love and Women's Lib," Love, American Style, ABC, 1971
  • "Love and the Loud Mouth," Love, American Style, ABC, 1971
  • "Love and the Lady Athlete," Love, American Style, ABC, 1972
  • "Secret," Medical Center, CBS, 1972
  • "Is It So Soon That I Am Done For--I Wonder What I Was Begun For?," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1972
  • "Love and the Secret Habit," Love, American Style, ABC, 1972
  • "The Outcast," The F.B.I., ABC, 1972
  • "Love and the Single Husband," Love, American Style, ABC, 1973
  • "Countdown: Parts 1 & 2," Police Story, NBC, 1974
  • Willie, "Glamour Boy," Police Story, NBC, 1974
  • Tommy Brown, "Night Train to L.A.," McMillan and Wife, NBC, 1975
  • Tim Darnell, "Poisoned Pigeon," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1975
  • "The Velvet Knife," Medical Center, CBS, 1975
  • "An Air Full of Death," Medical Story, NBC, 1975
  • Frank Molloy, "Silent Night, Deadly Night," S.W.A.T., ABC, 1975
  • Gary Swift, "The Adventure of the Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley," Ellery Queen, NBC, 1976
  • Cass Harper, "The Last Vegas Connection," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1977
  • "The Costa Rican Connection," Hunter, 1977
  • Farrell, "The Two Sides of Truth," Quincy, M.E., 1977
  • John Bernard, "Brain Wash," The Bionic Woman, NBC, 1977
  • Stu Chambers, "Treasure Hunt/Beauty Contest," Fantasy Island, ABC,1978
  • Nate Jordan, "The Business of Love/Crash Diet Crisis/I'll Never Fall in Love Again," The Love Boat, ABC, 1978
  • Ben Summers, "The Pageant," Vega$, ABC, 1978
  • Darian Mason, "Chorus Line Angels," Charlie's Angels, ABC, 1981
  • Towler, "The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1983
  • Frank Kelly, "Once Again with Vigorish," Hardcastle and McCormick,ABC, 1983
  • Bucky, "Bon Voyage, Alonso," Simon & Simon, CBS, 1983
  • Kevin Mayhew, "The Great Pretender," Automan, ABC, 1983
  • "Growing Pains," E/R, 1984
  • Montana, "Terror U," The Fall Guy, ABC, 1984
  • Billy Sunshine, "Rock and Roll Suicide," Otherworld, CBS, 1985
  • Father Tommy Connors, "Sanctuary," T. J. Hooker, ABC, 1985
  • "Hyde-and-Seek," Crazy Like a Fox, CBS, 1986
  • Doyle Madison, "McCormick's Bar and Grill," Hardcastle and McCormick, ABC, 1986
  • Victor Gavin, "Fright Knight," Knight Rider, NBC, 1986
  • Carl Anglin, "Murder, She Spoke," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1987
  • Jerome Lavalle, "Home Is Where the Heart Is," Houston Knights, CBS, 1987
  • Sergeant Nash, "J.B. As in Jailbird," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1988
  • Bart Mahoney, "Good-bye Charlie," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1990
  • Larry Kefler, "Smoke and Mirrors," Swamp Thing, 1992
  • Phillip Sparling, "Fatal Paradise," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1994
  • Albert Corrente, "First Mob Wives' Club," Viper, syndicated, 1997
  • Also appeared on Chance of a Lifetime and The Ed Sullivan Show.
  • Specials
  • Bill Calhoun/Lucentio, Kiss Me Kate, ABC, 1968
  • Interviewee, Lee Marvin: Hollywood's Straight Shooter, Arts and Entertainment, 2001
  • Other
  • Mr. Cramer, Tom Edison: The Boy Who Lit Up the World, 1983
  • Carl Fettis, Young Hearts (pilot), 1984
  • Stage Appearances
  • "Swing boy," The Boyfriend, New York City, c. 1952
  • Appeared (as Mickey Calin) as Riff, West Side Story (musical), original Broadway production.
  • Major Tours
  • Toured in productions of Absurd Person Singular, Killjoy, and as Andrew Makepeace Ladd III, Love Letters, all U.S. and European cities.
  • Stage Producer
  • Producer of the musical Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah!

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