Robert Foxworth Biography (1941-)

Full name, Robert Heath Foxworth; born November 1, 1941, in Houston, TX; sonof John Howard (a roofing contractor) and Erna Beth (a writer; maiden name, Seamman) Foxworth; married Marilyn McCormick, September 24, 1964 (divorced, 1974); married Elizabeth Montgomery (an actress), January 28, 1993 (died May 18, 1995); married Stacey Thomas, August 2, 1998; children: (first marriage) Brendon, Kristyn, Bo (an actor). Addresses: Agent: Writers & ArtistsGroup International, 8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550, Beverly Hills, CA 90211; Cunningham, Escott, Dipene & Associates, 10635 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 140, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

Actor, director
Birth Details
November 1, 1941
Houston, Texas

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) The leading child, The Indian Captive, Little Red School House, Houston, TX, 1950
  • (Broadway debut) Chorus, Henry V, American National Theatre Academy (ANTA) Theatre, 1969
  • John Proctor, The Crucible, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, Lincoln Center, New York City, 1972
  • McMurphy, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Huntington Hartford Theatre, Los Angeles, 1975
  • Earl of Leicester, Mary Stuart, Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, 1980
  • Scott, Terra Nova, American Place Theatre, New York City, 1984
  • Candida, Roundabout Theatre, New York City, 1993
  • Count Matvyei Shabyelski, Ivanov, Vivian Beaumont Theatre, 1997
  • Gus, Honour, Belasco Theatre, New York City, 1998
  • Uncle Vanya, Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles, 1999
  • Colonel Parker, Judgment at Nuremberg, Longacre Theatre, New YorkCity, 2001
  • Robert, Proof, Wilshire Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA, 2002
  • Brutus, Julius Caesar, Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA, 2003
  • Also appeared in P.S. Your Cat Is Dead; Below the Belt; Private Lives, Old Globe Theatre; Othello; Macbeth, GuthrieTheatre; Galileo, Center Stage; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Hartford Stage; as Andy, Love Letters.
  • Major Tours
  • Robert, Proof, U.S. cities, 2001-2002
  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Jim, The Treasure of Matecumbe, Buena Vista, 1976
  • Lieutenant Charles Barrett, The Invisible Strangler, Trans-World Entertainment, 1976
  • Chambers, Airport '77, Universal, 1977
  • Paul Buher, Damien: Omen II (also known as Omen II and Omen II: Damien), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1978
  • Dr. Robert Verne, Prophecy (also known as Prophecy: The MonsterMovie), Paramount, 1979
  • Sergeant A. M. Valnikov, The Black Marble, AVCO-Embassy, 1980
  • Narrator, The Eruption of Mount St. Helens! (documentary), 1980
  • Richard Michaels, Beyond the Stars (also known as Personal Choice), 1989
  • Narrator, Ring of Fire (documentary), Ventura, 1991
  • Narrator, Epic Journeys: The Great Migrations (documentary), Houston Museum of Natural History, 1999
  • Also appeared in The Astral Factor.
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • David Hansen, Storefront Lawyers (also known as Men at Law), CBS, 1970-1971
  • Chase Gioberti, Falcon Crest, CBS, 1981-1987
  • Hal Lanford, 2000 Malibu Road, CBS, 1992
  • Voice of Roger T. "Race" Bannon, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), 1997
  • Pearce McKenzie, LateLine, NBC, 1998
  • Bernard Chenowith, Six Feet Under, HBO, 2001-2003
  • Miniseries
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein, ABC, 1973
  • Peter the Fisherman, Peter and Paul, CBS, 1981
  • Movies
  • Matt Stanton, Hogan's Goat, PBS, 1971
  • Steve Stone, The Devil's Daughter, ABC, 1973
  • Jack Maddox, Mrs. Sundance, ABC, 1974
  • Alvin Karpis, The F.B.I. vs. Alvin Karpis (also known as F.B.I.Story: The FBI versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One, Alvin Karpis: Public Enemy No. 1, and The FBI Story-Alvin Karpis), CBS, 1974
  • (Uncredited) Psychiatrist, James Dean (also known as The Legend), NBC, 1976
  • Mike Carr, It Happened at Lakewood Manor (also known as Ants! and Panic at Lakewood Manor), ABC, 1977
  • Jason Palmer, Death Moon, CBS, 1978
  • Norman Hall, The Memory of Eva Ryker, CBS, 1980
  • Andrew Rose, Act of Love, NBC, 1980
  • Marcus Dryden, The Return of Desperado, NBC, 1988
  • Leonard Harik, Double Standard, NBC, 1988
  • Colonel Frank Brailie, Columbo: Grand Deceptions, ABC, 1989
  • Tobias Williams, Face to Face, CBS, 1990
  • Colonel Orlov, The Price of the Bride, 1990
  • Bob Sprague, With Murder in Mind (also known as With Savage Intent), CBS, 1992
  • Henry Doyle, For Love and Glory, CBS, 1993
  • Specials
  • Benjamin, "Another Part of the Forest," Hollywood Television Theatre, PBS, 1972
  • Host (Philadelphia), CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade, CBS, 1983
  • Host (New York), The 1st Annual CBS Easter Parade, CBS, 1985
  • Narrator, National Geographic Special: In the Shadow of Vesuvius (documentary; also known as In the Shadow Vesuvius), PBS, 1987
  • Elizabeth Montgomery: A Touch of Magic (documentary), Arts and Entertainment, 1999
  • Pilots
  • Dr. Calvin Briggs, The New Healers, 1972
  • Questor, The Questor Tapes, NBC, 1974
  • San Denton, Susan and Sam, NBC, 1977
  • Hal Lanford, 2000 Malibu Road, CBS, 1992
  • Episodic
  • (Television debut) Alex, "Sadbird," CBS Playhouse, 1969
  • Dr. Gary Lefferts, "The Medicine Men," The Mod Squad, ABC, 1971
  • Ross Santini, "The Glass Trap," Mannix, CBS, 1971
  • Toby Tomson, "The Test," The F.B.I., ABC, 1972
  • Adam/Jack, "With Affection, Jack the Ripper," The Sixth Sense, ABC, 1972
  • "An Inalienable Right to Die," The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, NBC, 1972
  • Pete DeCarta, "A Game for One Player," Medical Center, CBS, 1972
  • Dennis Hailey, "In the Midst of Strangers," The Streets of San Francisco, 1972
  • Dr. Eric Fowler, "The Listener," Hawaii Five-O, CBS, 1973
  • "The Double Play," The F.B.I., ABC, 1973
  • Richard Donner, "All My Tomorrows," Love Story, NBC, 1973
  • Ted Cullen, "Shield of Honor," The Streets of San Francisco, 1973
  • Clyde McNelly, "Empty Pages of a Dead Book," Kung Fu, ABC, 1974
  • Jonas Goodwin, "Only Birds and Fools," Hec Ramsey, NBC, 1974
  • Whit Brewer, "A Gathering of Tribes," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1974
  • "The Lost Man," The F.B.I., 1974
  • "The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1975
  • Lenny McCrae, "The Icenman," Cannon, CBS, 1975
  • "The Medea Factor," Marcus Welby, M.D., ABC, 1975
  • Congressman Charles Sinclair, "A Star Is Dead," Quincy (also knownas Quincy: M.E.), NBC, 1976
  • Password Plus, 1979
  • The $25,000 Pyramid, 1982
  • Mr. Wright, "A Fair Shake: Parts 1 & 2," Cagney & Lacey, CBS, 1988
  • Lee Greavy, "Hard Rhyme," The Hitchhiker, HBO, 1990
  • Mark Roxman, "Environmental Robin Hood," The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, 1991
  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, NBC, 1991
  • Redmund Walsh, "Conversations with My Shrink," Hearts Afire, CBS,1992
  • Royce Shelton, "Sympathy for the Deep," SeaQuest DSV, NBC, 1994
  • General William Hague, "Points of Departure," Babylon 5, syndicated, 1994
  • William Huddleston, "The Sweetest Gift: Parts 1 & 2," Christy,CBS, 1994
  • General William Hague, "All Alone in the Night," Babylon 5, syndicated, 1995
  • Peter, "Kelly's New Guy: Part 1," Coach, ABC, 1995
  • Professor Harry Matthews, "School for Murder," Murder, She Wrote,CBS, 1995
  • Attorney General Lane, "Witness for the Prosecution," Picket Fences, CBS, 1995
  • Admiral Leyton, "Homefront: Part 1," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, syndicated, 1996
  • Admiral Leyton, "Paradise Lost: Part 2," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, syndicated, 1996
  • President Charles Halsey, "Trial by Fire," The Outer Limits, Showtime and syndicated, 1996
  • "Among the Dead," The Lazarus Man, syndicated and TNT, 1996
  • Voices of Vladimir Oistrakh, Max Schumaker, and Captain Griggs, "In the Wake of Mary Celeste, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), 1996
  • Voice of Goon, "Thoughtscape," The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest(animated; also known as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), 1997
  • Professor Charles Evans, "Passion," Law & Order, NBC, 1997
  • Dr. Dan Prince, "Oscar de la Boya," City of Angels, CBS, 2000
  • Dr. Dan Prince, "The High Cost of Living," City of Angels, CBS, 2000
  • Dr. Dan Prince, "The Prince and the Porker," City of Angels, CBS,2000
  • Dr. Ben Hadley, "Misleader," Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(also known as Law & Order: S.V.U.), NBC, 2000
  • Dr. Ezra Stowe, "BRCA1," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2000
  • Dr. Ezra Stone, "BRCA2," Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2000
  • Mr. Falsey, "Boys to Men," Judging Amy, CBS, 2002
  • Chairman Ashwan, "Memento," Stargate SG-1, Sci-Fi Channel and syndicated, 2003
  • Dr. Frederick Barrett, "Shrunk," Law & Order, NBC, 2003
  • Also appeared as Mr. Denton, "Love's Labors Lost" and "White Knight," both episodes of Bull, TNT; John Stuart, Sandburg's Lincoln, NBC;President Emerson, Jeremiah, Showtime.
  • Television Director
  • Episodic
  • Falcon Crest, CBS, 1983-1987
  • Radio Appearances
  • Host, American Dialogues, 1985-
  • Radio Work
  • Producer, American Dialogues, 1985-
  • Taped Readings
  • (With H. R. Halderman) The Halderman Diaries by H. R. Halderman, Publishing Mills, 1994
  • Storming Heaven by Dale Brown, Dove, 1994

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