Simon Callow Biography (1949-)

Full name, Simon Phillip Hugh Callow; born June 15, 1949, in London, England;son of Neil Francis (a businessman) and Yvonne Mary (a secretary; maiden name, Guise) Callow. Addresses: Agent: (Acting) Marina Martin Associates,12-13 Poland St., London W1V 3DE, England; Clifford Stevens, Paradigm, 200 West 57th St., Suite 900, New York, NY 10019; (directing) Harriet Cruickshank,97 Old South Lambeth Rd., London SW8 1XU, England; (writing) Maggie Hanbury,27 Walcot St., London SE11 4UB, England.

Actor, director, writer
Birth Details
June 15, 1949
London, United Kingdom

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