Gloria Dehaven Biography (1925?-)

Full name, Gloria Mildred DeHaven; born July 23, 1925 (some sources cite 1924), in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Carter (an actor and director) and Flora (an actress; maiden name, Parker) DeHaven; sister of Carter DeHaven, Jr. (a producer); married John Payne (an actor, singer, writer, director, and producer), 1944 (divorced, 1950); married Martin Kimmell, June 21, 1953 (divorced, 1954); married Richard Fincher (in business), 1957 (divorced, 1963), remarried,1964 (divorced, 1968); children: (first marriage) Kathleen, Thomas; (third marriage) Harry (an actor; known as Richard DeHaven), Faith.

Actress, singer
Birth Details
July 23, 1925?
Los Angeles, California, United States

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