Rolando Molina Biography (1971-)

Full name, Rolando Alberto Argueta-Molina; born August 13, 1971, in San Salvador, El Salvador; mother's name, Ana. Addresses: Agent: Ellis Talent Group, 4705 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 300, Valley Village, CA 91607.; Manager: Manny Jimmenez, Suspect Entertainment, 5482 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 293, LosAngeles, CA 90036.

Birth Details
August 13, 1971
San Salvador, El Salvador

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Gary, Jamie's Secret, 1992
  • Lenny, To Protect and Serve, Apsicon Productions, 1992
  • Police officer, American Me, Universal, 1992
  • Vato, Menace II Society, New Line Cinema, 1993
  • Police officer, Im Sog des Boesen (also known as Deadly Measures, Desperate Measures, In the Flesh, Nanny's Nightmare, Undercurrent, and Desperate--Verzweifelt), Neverland Films,1995
  • Video store salesperson, Virtuosity, Paramount, 1995
  • Gang member, The Rich Man's Wife, Buena Vista, 1996
  • Parent of murdered child, Eye for an Eye, Paramount, 1996
  • Ruben, Street Corner Justice, 1996
  • Second man, Mojave Moon, Trimark Pictures, 1996
  • Hector, Do Me a Favor (also known as Trading Favors), Imperial Entertainment, 1997
  • Anthony Ramirez, Primary Colors (also known as Perfect Couple and Mit aller Macht), Universal, 1998
  • Ernie, Brown's Requiem, Avalanche Releasing, 1998
  • Mr. Big (Jefe), The Pandora Project, 1998
  • Support van driver, The Unknown Cyclist, 1998
  • Warehouse worker, Edtv (also known as Ed TV), MCA/Universal, 1999
  • Baby joker, Next Friday, New Line Cinema, 2000
  • Hector, Crazy/Beautiful, Buena Vista, 2001
  • Javier, King Rikki (also known as The Street King), Dream Rock/Moonstone Entertainment, 2002
  • Hood, Bruce Almighty, Universal, 2003
  • Show security person, Grind, Warner Bros., 2003
  • Benzito, Cake, Xenon Pictures, 2004
  • Chewi, Party Animalz, Artisan Entertainment, 2004
  • Oso, Platinum Illusions, Urban Dynasty/Fantasy World Entertainment, 2006
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Rolando, a recurring role, ER (also known as Emergency Room), NBC, 1995-96
  • Bartender, Kingpin, NBC, 2003
  • Miniseries
  • Raymond, The Invaders, Fox, 1995
  • Movies
  • Ramon, Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits, CBS, 1996
  • Chach, A Better Way to Die, HBO, 2000
  • Episodic
  • Simmy, "Bitter Fruit," Street Justice, syndicated, 1993
  • First punk, "The Opposite," Seinfeld, NBC, 1994
  • Waiter, "There's Got to Be a Morning After," Living Single, Fox, 1994
  • Grip, "Since I Lost My Baby," Cybill, CBS, 1995
  • Orson, "I'm Too Sexy for My Brother," The Wayans Bros., WB, 1995
  • Joker, "Jumped," Dangerous Minds, ABC, 1996
  • Munchkin, "Bangers," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 1996
  • District attorney, "The Green Cover," Public Morals, CBS, c. 1996
  • First guard, "Columbus Day," Gun (also known as Robert Altman's"Gun"), ABC, 1997
  • Joker, "The Feminine Mystique," Dangerous Minds, ABC, 1997
  • Hector, "Are You Ready for Some Football?," Dharma & Greg, ABC, 1998
  • Second bar patron, "Numb & Number," NYPD Blue, ABC, 1998
  • Camera operator, "Two Guys, a Girl, and the Storm of the Century," TwoGuys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (also known as Two Guys and a Girl), ABC, 1999
  • Christian Rudecki, "My Man Sammo," Martial Law, CBS, 1999
  • (As Rolondo Malina) Dragon Fly bouncer, "Lady Evil," GvsE (also known as Good versus Evil, Good vs. Evil, and G vs. E), USA Network, 1999
  • Louis, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," L.A. Doctors, CBS, 1999
  • Bennie, "Renunciation," Good versus Evil (also known as Good vs. Evil, GvsE, and G vs. E), Sci-Fi Channel, 2000
  • Hernandez, "Reckless Abandon," Charmed, The WB, 2000
  • Juror, "Twelve Angry People," 7th Heaven (also known as 7th Heaven: Beginnings), The WB, 2000
  • Manolo, "A Thousand Words," Pacific Blue, USA Network, 2000
  • Mark Vasquez, "Spoil the Child," Judging Amy, CBS, 2000
  • Iladio, "The 31-Inch-High Club," Ladies Man, CBS, 2001
  • Randy Drago, "Without a Sound," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 2001
  • Bolles, "War Stories," Firefly, Fox, 2002
  • Hector Estanza, "Throwaway," The Shield, FX Channel, 2002
  • Second father, "Let's Talk about Sex," Becker, CBS, 2002
  • Valet, "Table for Too Many: Parts 1 & 2," My Wife and Kids, ABC, 2002
  • Hector Chirullo, "Sunset Division," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2003
  • Idalo Tavarez, "Laughlin All the Way to the Clink," NYPD Blue, ABC, 2003
  • Jesus Linares, "Bleak House," The Handler, CBS, 2004
  • Security person, "You Can Leave the Lights On," Less Than Perfect,ABC, 2005
  • Trash collector/God, "Secret Service," Joan of Arcadia, CBS, 2005
  • Appeared as a criminal, Bakersfield P.D., Fox; as a neighbor, Cracker (also known as Fitz), ABC; as Erno Pender, Diagnosis Murder, CBS; as a technician, LateLine, NBC; as a voice, Sammy(animated), NBC; and in Tracey Takes On ... , HBO.

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