Stanley Donen Biography (1924-)

Born April 13, 1924, in Columbia, SC; son of Mordecai (a dress-shop manager)and Helen Donen; married Jeanne Coyne (a dancer), 1947 (divorced, 1951); married Marion Marshall (an actress), 1952 (divorced, 1959); married Lady AdelleBeatty (a socialite), 1960 (divorced, 1971); married Yvette Mimieux (an actress), 1972 (divorced, 1982); married Pam Braden (a saleswoman), 1990 (divorced, 1994); children: (second marriage) Peter, Josh; (third marriage) Mark. Addresses: Manager-- c/o Edward Traubner, Traubner & amp; Flynn, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 2500, Los Angeles, CA 90067. Career: Director, producer, writer, choreographer, and actor. Debuted on Broadway at age 17. Awards, Honors: Golden Seashell Award, San Sebastian Film Festival, 1967, for Two for the Road; Career Achievement Award, LosAngeles Film Critics Association, 1989; Honorary Academy Award, 1998; GoldenEddie Filmmaker of the Year Award, American Cinema Editors, 1999. Addresses: Manager: c/o Edward Traubner, Traubner &.

Director, producer, writer, choreographer, actor
Birth Details
April 13, 1924
Columbia, South Carolina, United States

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