Vic Dunlop, Jr. Biography ((?)-)

Born in New York City; son of Vic (an actor; stage name, Victor Marko) Dunlop, Sr. Addresses: PUBLICIST--Jo-Ann Geffen & Associates, 3151 Cahuengha Blvd. W., Suite 235, Los Angeles, CA 90068.

Concerning Vic Dunlop's creativity and inventions, Jo-Ann Geffen & Associates supplied CTFT with a biography stating, "Vic still finds time to be a brilliant inventor and entrepreneur. Dunlop has slipped from the sublime to theridiculous with his new line of products ... eyeballs that you can wear andeat. 'It was a happy accident, I was wearing a pair of plastic bloodshot eyeballs in my act and it became such a hit that I built a regular routine around them. Next thing I knew members of the audience asked me where they could buy them. They even started wearing them to my shows!'"


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