Mark Blankfield Biography (1950-)

Born May 8, 1950, in Pasadena, TX; married Brandis Kemp, 1972. Addresses: Contact: c/o 141 South El Camino Dr., Suite 205, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Birth Details
May 8, 1950
Pasadena, Texas, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Rob, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Universal, 1981
  • Jekyll/Hyde, Jekyll & Hyde ... Together Again, Paramount, 1982
  • Kline, The Underachievers (also known as Night School), Lightning, 1987
  • Dr. Bob Frankenstein, Frankenstein General Hospital, Newstar Video, 1988
  • Spanky, Angel III: The Final Chapter, New World, 1988
  • Blinkin, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (also known as Sacre Robin des bois), Columbia/TriStar, 1993
  • Martin, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Columbia, 1995
  • Jim Price, Final Vendetta (also known as Surrogate Mother and Sweet Evil), A-pix Entertainment, 1996
  • Coach, Perfect Game, Buena Vista Home Video, 2000
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Various characters, Fridays, ABC, 1980-1982
  • Freddy, The Nutt House, NBC, 1989
  • George, Good and Evil, ABC, 1991
  • Miniseries
  • Lady Boss (also known as Jackie Collins' "Lady Boss"), NBC,1992
  • Movies
  • Navin Johnson, The Jerk, Too, NBC, 1984
  • The ghoul, The Midnight Hour (also known as In the Midnight Hour), ABC, 1985
  • Doctor Otto Benus, Splash, Too, ABC, 1988
  • Schizoid, The Road Raiders, CBS, 1989
  • Ted Watkins, Jury Duty: The Comedy (also known as The Great American Sex Scandal), ABC, 1990
  • Sheik Abdul Achmed, "Greed," Favorite Deadly Sins (also known as National Lampoon's Favorite Deadly Sins), Showtime, 1995
  • Episodic
  • Zifka, "Elaine and the Monk," Taxi, ABC, 1982
  • Magic bean salesperson, "Jack and the Beanstalk," Faerie Tale Theatre, Showtime, 1983
  • Edgar, Cinderella (also known as Faerie Tale Theatre: Cinderella), Showtime, 1984
  • "Love and the Sauna/Love and the Night Watchman," The New Love, American Style, ABC, 1985
  • Tinker, "The Bitterest Pill," Tales from the Darkside, syndicated,1986
  • Ernie, The Oldest Rookie, CBS, 1987
  • Magician, "A Day in the Life," Night Court, NBC, 1987
  • Simon Kruze, "Not Just Another John Doe," Hunter, NBC, 1987
  • Slag, "State of Sledge," Sledge Hammer!, ABC, 1987
  • Soviet scientist, "Comrade Hammer," Sledge Hammer!, ABC, 1987
  • Eddie Drummond and Louis Brenner, "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow," Charlesin Charge, syndicated, 1988
  • Mr. Morse, Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC, 1989
  • Charlie Hanes, "The Buddy," Life Goes On, ABC, 1990
  • Eric, Sr., "Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades," ALF, NBC, 1990
  • James, "Rent-A-Pop," Saved by the Bell, NBC, 1990
  • James, "S.A.T.'s," Saved by the Bell, NBC, 1991
  • "Reality Takes a Holiday," Eerie, Indiana, NBC, 1992
  • Great Scott!, Fox, 1992
  • James, "Home Shopping," Saved by the Bell: The New Class, NBC, 1993
  • Patrick Ives, Getting By, ABC and NBC, 1993
  • James, "Belding's Prize," Saved by the Bell: The New Class, NBC, 1994
  • Mr. Mercer, "Clothes Make a Man," Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, ABC, 1994
  • Pfaff, "Don't Drink and Drive Nuclear Waste," The John Larroquette Show, NBC, 1994
  • Jimmy Ray, "Johnny and the Pacemakers," Double Rush, CBS, 1995
  • Whitney Sloan, "The Dead Don't Lie," One West Waikiki, CBS, 1995
  • The Home Court, NBC, 1995
  • Goldberg, "Fantasy Camp," Coach, ABC, 1996
  • Mordecai, High Incident, ABC, 1996
  • Ringo, The Show (also known as The John Bowman Project), 1996
  • Mr. Rose, "The Swami," Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, ABC, 1997
  • Angel, "Amazing Grace," Night Man, The Disney Channel and syndicated, 1998
  • Corey Mimms, "The Wedding," Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1998
  • Doug, You're the One, The WB, 1998
  • (As Mark W. Blankfield) Blackbeard, "Prelude to a Kiss," Sabrina, theTeenage Witch, ABC, 1999
  • Blackbeard, "Sabrina and the Pirates," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,ABC, 1999
  • Jenson, "The Path of Sorrows," Crusade, TNT, 1999
  • Vladimir, "Bro-Jack," The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1999
  • Pilots
  • Che Serra Serra, The Cheech Show, NBC, 1988
  • L. P. Gasman, Dad's a Dog, ABC, 1990
  • Videos
  • KISS--Exposed, PolyGram Video, 2002

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