Jeroen Krabbe Biography (1944-)

Name is pronounced "jer-oon kra-bay"; full name, Jeroen Aart Krabbe; born December 5, 1944, in Amsterdam, Netherlands; son of Maarten (a painter) and Margreet (a film translator; maiden name, Reiss) Krabbe; brother of Tim Krabbe (awriter); half-brother of Mirko Krabbe (a painter); married Herma Van Geemert(a social worker), December 31, 1965; children: Martijn (a television personality), Jasper, Jakob. Addresses: Agent: Marion Rosenberg, Marion Rosenberg Office, 8428 Melrose Pl., Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Actor, director, producer, writer
Birth Details
December 5, 1944
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • Fietsen naar de maan (also known as Bicycling to the Moon),PAN Film, 1963
  • Professor Columbus, [Netherlands], 1968
  • Doctor, The Little Ark, 1972
  • Alicia, Scorpio Production, 1974
  • Guus LeJeune (some sources cite Gus Sims), Soldat van Oranje (alsoknown as Soldier of Orange and Survival Run), 1977, Houwer Films, 1979
  • Maarten and alter ego, Een vlucht regenwulpen (also known as AFlight of Rainbirds), Heiningen Films, 1979
  • Een pak slaag (also known as Mr. Slotter's Jubilee), Tuschinski Film Distribution, 1979
  • Regisseur, Martijn en de magieer, Castor Films, 1979
  • Frans Henkhof, Spetters, Embassy, 1980
  • Pim, 1980
  • Harry Heyblom, Het verleden, [Netherlands], 1982
  • Gerard Reve, The Fourth Man (also known as De vierde man),Houwer Films, 1982
  • Mr. Sandor the slob, Turtle Diary, Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1985
  • Mark Van Meter, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1986
  • Peter van Dijk, In de schaduw van de overwinning (also known as Shadow of Victory), Sigma Filmproduction II, 1986
  • Losado, No Mercy, TriStar, 1987
  • General Georgi Koskov, The Living Daylights, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1988
  • Anton Maes, Crossing Delancey, Warner Bros., 1988
  • Theo, Shadowman, Hungry Eye, 1988
  • Gus Roth, A World Apart, Atlantic, 1988
  • Narrator, Jan Cox: A Painter's Odyssey (also known as Jan Cox,l'odyssee d'un peintre), 1988
  • David Keller, Melancholia, British Film Institute, 1989
  • Eugene Ivanov, Scandal, Miramax, 1989
  • Gianni Franco, The Punisher, 1989, New World, 1991
  • Bizzlebek, Kafka, Miramax, 1991
  • Herbert Woodruff, The Prince of Tides, Columbia, 1991
  • Robert "Viv" Vivaldi, Till There Was You, MCA/Universal Home Video, 1991
  • Sahara Sandwich, Staccato Films, 1992
  • Adult Jeroen Boman, For a Lost Soldier (also known as Voor eenverloren soldaat), Strand Releasing, 1993
  • Hendrik Ten Berghe, Oeroeg (also known as Going Home), [Belgium and Netherlands], 1993
  • Dr. Charles Nichols, The Fugitive, Warner Bros., 1993
  • Erich Kurlander, King of the Hill, Gramercy, 1993
  • Anton Felix Schindler, Immortal Beloved, Columbia, 1994
  • George Frideric Handel, Farinelli (also known as Farinelli theCastrato, Farinelli: Il castrato, Farinelli voce regina, and Il castrato), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1994
  • The Blood of a Poet, 1995
  • Colonel Aguirre, Lorca (also known as Death in Granada, The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca, and Muerte en Granada), Sony Pictures Entertainment, 1997
  • Mr. Kalman, Left Luggage (also known as 2 koffers vol), 1998, Castle Hill, 2000
  • Pietro Venier, Dangerous Beauty (also known as Courtesan, A Destiny of Her Own, The Honest Courtesan, and Venice),Warner Bros., 1998
  • Auguste De Barbarac, Ever After (also known as Cinderella and Ever After: A Cinderella Story), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1998
  • Baron Arnheim, An Ideal Husband, Miramax, 1999
  • Himself (in archive footage), Ausverkauft!, Istituto Luce/Aimer Plano Film Group, 1999
  • Wilhelm, Il cielo cade (also known as The Sky Will Fall), Istituto Luce/Parus Film/Radiotelevisione Italiana/Viva Cinematografica, 2000
  • Inside "The Living Daylights," 2000
  • Gabriel, The Discovery of Heaven, RCV Film Distribution, 2001
  • Fogbound, 2002
  • Film Work
  • Director and associate producer, Left Luggage (also known as 2koffers vol), 1998, Castle Hill, 2000
  • Director, The Discovery of Heaven, RCV Film Distribution, 2001
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Andre Hageman, De fabriek, 1981
  • Title role, Willem van Oranje (also known as William of Orange), 1983, AVRO/BRT, 1985
  • Himself, Aan tafel, 2001
  • Appeared as Hertog Maximiliaan in the series De Vloek van Woestewolf.
  • Miniseries
  • Durmazon, 1974
  • Jeremy Van Dorn, Dynasty: The Reunion (also known as Dynasty: The Miniseries), ABC, 1991
  • King Alcinous, The Odyssey (also known as Homer's Odyssey,Die Abenteuer des Odysseus, and Odissea), NBC, 1997
  • Francois Pelletier, Only Love (also known as Eric Segal's OnlyLove), CBS, 1998
  • Movies
  • Camille Desmoulins, Danton's Death, AVRO, 1966
  • Colonel Alexander Vorashin, World War III, NBC, 1982
  • Jaap, Party in Parijs (also known as Party in Paris), VARATelevision, 1982
  • Hans, Het oponthoud, VARA Television, 1982
  • Malarin, Her Secret Life (also known as Code Name: Dancer and One for the Dancer), ABC, 1987
  • Boris One, Family of Spies (also known as The Walker Spy Ring), CBS, 1990
  • Asher Beckman, Secret Weapon, TNT, 1990
  • Edgar Rutchinsky, Murder East-Murder West, [England], 1990
  • Baron Roger Daguerre, Robin Hood (also known as The Adventuresof Robin Hood), Fox, 1991
  • Bukharin, Stalin, HBO, 1992
  • Alex Shutter, Business for Pleasure, The Movie Channel, 1997
  • Specials
  • Voices of Ludwig Meidner, Wilhelm Hermanns, and Seaman Stumpf, The Great War and the Shaping of the Twentieth Century (documentary; also knownas The Great War), PBS, 1996
  • Episodic
  • Klaus Herzog, "Heroes of the Revolution," Miami Vice, NBC, 1987
  • Hermann Pfaff, "After the War," Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, 1990
  • Brockdorff, "Paris, May 1919," The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,ABC, 1993
  • Other
  • Henk, Tatort--Kressin und die Frau des Malers, 1972
  • Hertog Alva, Uilenspiegel, 1973
  • Satan, Jesus (also known as Die Bibel--Jesus), CBS, 1999
  • Himself and Guus LeJeune (in archive footage), Soldaat van Oranje,2002
  • Stage Appearances
  • Berowne, Love's Labour's Lost, Stadsschouwburg Theatre, Haarlem, Netherlands, 1965
  • Also appeared as Bri, A Day in the Death of Joe Egg, Bosola, The Duchess of Malfi, Cassio, Jesse, Mann Ist Mann, Othello,Elyot, Private Lives, Milo, Sleuth, Chance Wayne, Sweet Birdof Youth, and in Furcht und Elend, all Stadssdrouwburg Theatre.
  • Major Tours
  • Toured Dutch cities as Christian, Cyrano de Bergerac, as Otto Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, as William, How the Other Half Loves, as Gregory, Relatively Speaking, and as Jerry, Two for the Seesaw.
  • Stage Director
  • The Diary of Anne Frank, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1985
  • Major Tours
  • Directed a tour of The Diary of Anne Frank, Dutch cities.
  • Radio Appearances
  • Host of a Dutch music program.
  • Nonfiction
  • (With others) Drie generaties Krabbe, Van Holkema & Warendorf(Weesp, Netherlands), 1985
  • Author of The Economy Cookbook; also translator of plays into Dutch.

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