Hurd Hatfield Biography (1920?-1998)

See index for CTFT sketch: Born December 7, 1920 (some sources say 1918), in New York City, NY; died December 25, 1998, in Cork, Ireland. Actor. Hurd Hatfield was perhaps best known for his role in The Picture of Dorian Gray, even though he later referred to the character as "that accursed role." He was associated with the role for the rest of his life--which featuredhim as a young man who stayed eternally youthful while his portrait aged. Hatfield was also known for his sophisticated stage manner, which led many to assume that he was British, Hatfield studied acting in England and went on to play roles in over 20 films, television shows, and staged plays. Some of theseincluded Venus Observed(1953), Julius Caesar, Camino Real, and Bullfight. He relocated to Ireland in the late 1970s.

Birth Details
December 7, 1920?
New York, New York, United States
Death Details
December 25, 1998
Cork, Ireland

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