Marcello Mastroianni Biography (1924-1996)

Born September 28, 1924, in Fontana Liri, Italy; died December 19, 1996, in Paris, France. Actor. Mastroianni was fortunate to have long-term professionalrelationships with two of the biggest names in international filmmaking--Federico Fellini and Sophia Loren. His film career began as a bookkeeper for a film company, then he joined a theater group and met Fellini. His first role was in the 1957 film White Nights, but in 1960 he starred in Fellini's La Dolce Vita. He teamed up with Fellini again for 8 1/2 (1963), City of Women (1979), Ginger and Fred (1986), and The Interview (1987). Mastroianni became a sexsymbol but wasn't entirely comfortable with that notoriety. He starred in twelve films with Loren. Some of their most critically acclaimed works were Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963), Marriage, Italian Style (1964), The Priest's Wife (1971), and A Special Day (1977), for which Mastroianni earned a bestactor award at the 1986 Cannes Film Festival. His last screen appearance with Loren was in Robert Altman's 1994 film Ready to Wear. Known for his versatility, Mastroianni was at ease with either his serious, existential characterin Dolce Vita or with his light-hearted, carefree role in the slapstick comedy Divorce, Italian Style (1961). He was touring Italy in a production of TheLast Moons two months before his death.

Birth Details
September 28, 1924
Fontana Liri, Italy
Death Details
December 19, 1996
Paris, France

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