Matt Frewer Biography (1958-)

Born January 4, 1958, in Washington, DC; raised in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada; son of Frederick Charlesley (a Canadian navel Officer) and GillianAnne (maiden name, German) Frewer; married Amanda Hillwood (an actress), November 10, 1984; children: one daughter. Addresses: Agent: InternationalCreative Management, 8942 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.; Publicist: Warren Cowan & Associates, 8899 Beverly Blvd., Suite 412, Los Angeles,CA 90048.

Actor, producer, writer
Birth Details
January 4, 1958
Washington, D.C, United States

Famous Works

  • Film Appearances
  • (Film debut) Senior, The Lords of Discipline, Paramount, 1983
  • "The Crimson Permanent Assurance," Monty Python's the Meaning of Life, Universal, 1983
  • Truck driver, Supergirl (also known as Supergirl: The Movie), TriStar, 1984
  • Second soldier, Spies Like Us, Warner Bros., 1985
  • Tom MacWhirter, The Fourth Protocol, Lorimar, 1987
  • CIA agent, Ishtar, Columbia, 1987
  • Charles Cross, Far from Home, Vestron, 1989
  • Russell "Big Russ" Thompson, Sr., Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, BuenaVista, 1989
  • Alec, Speed Zone! (also known as Cannonball Fever), Orion,1989
  • Ernie Dills, Short Time, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1990
  • Ed Kelvin, The Taking of Beverly Hills (also known as Boomer: The Taking of Beverly Hills), Columbia, 1991
  • Chuck (Receding Bingo winner), Twenty Bucks, Triton Pictures, 1993
  • Principal Todd Moss, National Lampoon's Senior Trip (also known asSenior Trip), New Line Cinema, 1995
  • Jobe, Lawnmower Man II: Beyond Cyberspace (also known as Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe's War), New Line Cinema, 1996
  • Voice of Panic, Hercules, Buena Vista, 1997
  • (Uncredited) Voice of Frank Burris, Heartwood, PorchLight Entertainment, 1998
  • Voice of Jackal, Gargoyles: The Hunted (animated), 1998
  • Voice of Jackel, Gargoyles: Brothers Betrayed (animated), 1998
  • Nathan, Lucy, Mom, Dad, and Son, 6ix, 1999
  • Voice of Panic, Hercules: Zero to Hero (animated), 1999
  • Voice of Frazzled, CyberWorld, IMAX Corp., 2000
  • Voice of Panic, Mickey's House of Villains (animated), 2002
  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • Max Headroom, The Max Headroom Show, Cinemax, 1985
  • Max Headroom and host, The Original Max Talking Headroom Show, Cinemax, 1987
  • Edison Carter/Max Headroom, Max Headroom (also known as Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future), ABC, 1987
  • Dr. Michael Stratford, Doctor, Doctor, CBS, 1989
  • Bob Moody, Shaky Ground, Fox, 1992
  • Voice of Pink Panther, The Pink Panther (animated), syndicated, 1994
  • Voice of Jackal, Gargoyles (animated), syndicated, 1994
  • Voice of Chaos, Aladdin (animated; also known as Disney's Aladdin), CBS, 1994
  • Voice of Leader, Iron Man (animated; also known as The Marvel Action Hour: Iron Man), 1994
  • Voice of Lloyd, Dumb and Dumber (animated), ABC, 1995
  • Voice of Leader, The Incredible Hulk and Friends (animated; also known as The Incredible Hulk), UPN, 1996
  • Voice of Booby Vicious, Bruno the Kid (animated), 1996
  • OSIR case manager Matt Praeger, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, syndicated, 1997-1999
  • Voice of Panic, Disney's Hercules (animated; also known as Hercules), ABC and syndicated, 1998
  • Voice of Dedgar Deadman, Toonsylvania (animated; also known as Steven Spielberg Presents Toonsylvania), Fox, 1998
  • Voice of Panic, House of Mouse (animated), ABC, 2001
  • Miniseries
  • (Television debut) American at bar, Tender Is the Night, BBC, 1983, then Showtime, 1985
  • Francis Lane, The First Olympics--Athens 1896 (also known as Dream One and The First Modern Olympics), NBC, 1984
  • Trashcan man, Stephen King's The Stand (also known as The Stand), 1994
  • Dr. Chet Wakeman, Taken (also known as Steven Spielberg Presents Taken), Sci-Fi Channel, 2002
  • Movies
  • Edison Carter/Max Headroom, Max Headroom, Channel Four, 1984
  • Troy McKinney, The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, HBO, 1993
  • Bob Miller, The Day My Parents Ran Away (also known as MissingParents), Fox, 1993
  • The Cat in the Hat, In Search of Dr. Seuss, TNT, 1994
  • General Alexander Haig, Kissinger and Nixon, TNT, 1995
  • Russell Tresh, Generation X, Fox, 1996
  • Gene Krantz, Apollo 11 (also known as Apollo 11: The Movie), The Family Channel, 1996
  • Lieutenant Colonel Max Durbin, Dead Fire (also known as Le vaisseau de l'enfer), Sci-Fi Channel, 1997
  • Dr. George/Charlie, Quicksilver Highway, Fox, 1997
  • Gerald Krzemien, Breast Men, HBO, 1997
  • Scott Wagner, In the Doghouse, Showtime, 1998
  • Al Fisher, Jailbait, MTV, 2000
  • Sherlock Holmes, The Hounds of Baskervilles, CTV and Odyssey, 2000
  • Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of Four, Hallmark Channel, 2001
  • Sherlock Holmes, The Royal Scandal (also known as Scandal in Bohemia), Hallmark Channel, 2001
  • Sherlock Holmes, The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire (also known as Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the White Chapel Vampire), HallmarkChannel, 2002
  • Specials
  • Max Headroom, The Max Headroom Christmas Special, Cinemax, 1986
  • Max Headroom, Tina Turner: Break Every Rule, HBO, 1987
  • Max Headroom, A Night of Comic Relief 2, 1989
  • CBS Comedy Bloopers, CBS, 1990
  • CBS Comedy Bloopers II, CBS, 1990
  • The 4th Annual American Comedy Awards, ABC, 1990
  • The 5th Annual American Comedy Awards, ABC, 1991
  • Hollywood Hockey Cup, Comedy Central, 1996
  • Dr. Louis Panic, Disney's Hercules: From Zero to Hero, ABC, 1997
  • Greg, Desert's Edge, The Movie Channel, 1997
  • Inside Steven Spielberg Presents: Taken, Sci-Fi Channel, 2002
  • Episodic
  • Roger de Carnac, "The Betrayal," Robin Of Sherwood, HTV, 1984
  • Soldier, "Displaced Person," American Playhouse, PBS, 1985
  • Late Night with David Letterman, 1986, 1988
  • Pee Wee, "No Chemo, Sabe?," St. Elsewhere, NBC, 1987
  • Cliff King, "Hostile Takeover," Miami Vice, NBC, 1988
  • Cliff King, "Redemption in Blood," Miami Vice, NBC, 1988
  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, NBC, 1990
  • Professor Berlingoff Rasmussen, "A Matter of Time," Star Trek: The Next Generation, syndicated, 1991
  • Voice of Mac Duff, "Grandma's Dead," Tiny Toon Adventures (animated), syndicated, 1992
  • Voice of Mac Duff, "Take Elmyra Please," Tiny Toon Adventures (animated), syndicated, 1992
  • Howard Raymer, "Tornado Days," Eerie, Indiana, 1992
  • Voice of Sidney Debris/Sid the Squid, "The Man Who Killed Batman," Batman: the Animated Series (animated), Fox, 1993
  • Voice of Peter Blaine, "Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains," Bonkers (animated), 1993
  • Edwin O. Reischauer, "Long Shadows," American Playhouse, PBS, 1994
  • Voice of Inspector 47, "In the Rainforest," The Magic School Bus (animated), PBS, 1994
  • Harold Sawyer, "Survival of the Fittest," Picket Fences, CBS, 1994
  • Bob, "Supernatural," Tracey Takes On ... , HBO, 1996
  • Norman Glass, "First Anniversary," The Outer Limits, 1996
  • Norbert Datry, "Fool's Gold," Dead Man's Gun, Showtime, 1997
  • Voice of Toymaker, Mickey Mouse Works (animated), 1999
  • Frederick Banting, "A Transient, Shining Trouble," Mentors, 1999
  • Larry Williams, "Fantasy," Da Vinci's Inquest, CBC, 2000
  • Larry Williams, "Reality," Da Vinci's Inquest, CBC, 2000
  • Also appeared as Craftsworth, "Tasty Paste," Quack Pack (animated); in The Twilight Zone, CBS.
  • Television Work
  • Series
  • Associate producer, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, syndicated, 1996
  • Stage Appearances
  • (Stage debut) Wolf, Bent, Theatre Royal, York, England, 1980
  • (London debut) Murph, The Indian Wants the Bronx, Soho Poly Theatre, 1981
  • Lysander, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Round House Theatre, London,1981
  • Prince, Romeo and Juliet, Shaw Theatre, London, 1982
  • Malcolm, Macbeth, Shaw Theatre, 1983
  • Deathtrap, Northcott Theatre, Exeter, England, 1984
  • On the Razzle, Leeds Playhouse, Leeds, England, 1984
  • Major Tours
  • Vladimir, Waiting for Godot, British cities, 1980
  • The gentleman caller, The Glass Menagerie, British cities, 1981
  • The Comedy of Errors, New Shakespeare Company, British cities, 1981
  • Androcles, A Midsummer Night's Dream, New Shakespeare Company, British cities, 1981
  • Much Ado about Nothing, New Shakespeare Company, British cities, 1981
  • Video Games
  • Voice of Panic, Hercules, 1997
  • Music Videos
  • Appeared as Max Headroom in Art of Noise's "Paranoimia."
  • Television Episodes
  • "Frozen Faith," Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, 1998
  • Fiction
  • (With wife, Amanda Hillwood) Author of the children's book The Fez Brothers.

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