Bibi Andersson Biography (1935-)

Full name, Birgitta Andersson; born November 11, 1935, in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden; daughter of Josef and Karin Andersson; married Kjell Grede (a director), 1960 (divorced, 1973); married Per Ahlmark (a politician, journalist, and poet), 1978 (divorced); children: (first marriage) Jennifer Matilda. Addresses: Agent: Agents Associes, 201 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, 75008 Paris, France.

Birth Details
November 11, 1935
Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden

Famous Works

  • Stage Appearances
  • (Broadway debut) Anna, Full Circle, American National Theatre Academy Theatre, 1973
  • Siri von-Essen-Strindberg, The Night of the Tribades, Helen HayesTheatre, New York City, 1977
  • Long Day's Journey into Night, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden, 1988
  • Peer Gynt, Royal Dramatic Theatre, 1991
  • Goldberg Variations, Royal Dramatic Theatre, 1994
  • The Winter's Tale, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City, 1995
  • Also appeared in productions of Erik XIV, 1956; Tre systrar, King John, and Le Balcon (also known as The Balcony),all 1961; La Grotte and Uncle Vanya, both 1962; As You LikeIt, 1964; After the Fall, 1964; The Archbishop's Ceiling, 1973; Twelfth Night, 1975 and 1980; Antigone, 1981; A Streetcar Named Desire, 1981; L'Oiseau bleu, 1981; Prisoners of Altona, 1982; Exposed, 1982; The Creditors, 1984-85; Ett Gastabud i Pestens tid, 1986; Loner, 1994; Long Day's Journey into Night, 1994; as Honey, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1963.
  • Film Appearances
  • (Uncredited) Dancing girl, Froeken Julie (also known as Miss Julie), 1951
  • (Uncredited) Girl on the train, Ubaat 39 (also known as Submarine no 39), 1952
  • (Uncredited) Student at Tornelius' party, Vingslag i natten, 1953
  • (As Bibbi Andersson) Elvira, Dum-Bom (also known as Dom-Bomand Stupid Bomb), 1953
  • (As Bibbi Andersson) Maj Maansson, En natt paa Glimmingehus (alsoknown as A Night at Glimminge Castle), 1954
  • Berghild, Herr Arnes penningar (also known as Sir Arne's Treasure), 1954
  • (As Bibbi Andersson) Lilly, Flickan i regnet (also known as Girl in the Rain), 1955
  • Narrator, Staden vid vattnen (also known as Town by the Sea), 1955
  • Actress, Sommarnattens leende (also known as Smiles of a SummerNight), 1955 , released in the United States by Rank, 1957
  • Kerstin, Sista paret ut (also known as Last Pair Out and The Last Couple Out), 1956
  • Karin Johansson, Egen ingaang (also known as Private Entrance), 1956
  • Mona Dahlstroem, Sommarnoeje soekes (also known as Summer House and A Summer Place Is Wanted), 1957
  • Mia, Det sjunde inseglet (also known as The Seventh Seal),Svenska Filminstitutet, 1957 , released in the United States in 1958
  • Sara, Smultronstaellet (also known as Wild Strawberries), 1957 , released in the United States by Janus, 1959
  • Sara Lindkvist, Ansiktet (also known as The Magician and The Face), 1958 , released in the United States by Janus, 1959
  • Christina Blom, Du aer mitt aeventyr (also known as You Are MyAdventure), 1958
  • Hjoerdis Petterson, Naera livet (also known as Brink of Life and So Close to Life), Nordisk ToneFilm, 1958 , released in the United States in 1960
  • Lena, Den kaera leken (also known as The Love Game), 1959
  • Britt-Marie, Djaevulens oega (also known as The Devil's Eye), ABSF, 1960
  • Sylvia Blom, Broellopsdagen (also known as The Wedding Day), 1960
  • Monika, Karneval (also known as Carnival), 1961
  • (As Bibi) Anna, Fanny's daughter, Lustgaarden (also known as The Pleasure Garden), 1961
  • Maria, Nasilje na trugu (also known as Square of Violence),1961 , released in the United States by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1963
  • The girl, Aelskarinnan (also known as The Mistress and The Swedish Mistress), 1962 , released in the United States by Janus, 1964
  • Edvarda Mack, Kort aer sommaren (also known as Short Is the Summer and Pan), 1962 , released in the United States by Shaw, 1968
  • Humlan, Foer att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor (also known as Not to Mention All These Women, Now about These Women, and AllThese Women), Janus, 1964
  • Marianne, Oen, 1964
  • Britt, Juninatt (also known as June Night), 1965
  • Ellen Grange, Duel at Diablo (also known as Ralph Nelson'sDuel at Diablo), United Artists, 1965
  • Ingrid, Scusi, lei e favorevole o contrario (also known as Scusi lei e contrario o favorevole), 1966
  • Charlotte, Syskonbaedd 1782 (also known as My Sister, My Love), 1965 , released in the United States by Sigma III, 1967
  • Nurse Alma, Persona (also known as Masks), 1966 , releasedin the United States by Lopert, 1967
  • Marianne Severin, Le Viol (also known as Oevergreppet, Le Viol ou un amour fou, A Question of Rape, and The Rape),1967 , released in the United States by GG Productions, 1968
  • Elin Pappila, Svarta palmkronor (also known as Black Palm Trees), 1968
  • Liz, The Girls (also known as Flickorna), 1968 , released in the United States by Lindgren-Sandrews, 1972
  • Violenza al sole (also known as Blow Hot, Blow Cold, Un'Estate in quattro, and Kaerlek paa sanden), 1968
  • Una estate in quattro (also known as L'Isola and TheIsland), 1969
  • Jane Merrild, Taenk paa ett tal (also known as Think of a Number), 1969
  • Karin Ullman, Story of a Woman (also known as Storia di una donna), 1969 , released in the United States by Universal, 1970
  • Eva Vergerus, The Passion of Anna (also known as A Passionand En passion), 1969 , released in the United States by United Artists, 1970
  • Erika Boeck, The Kremlin Letter, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1970
  • O lyubvi (also known as About Love and A Ballad of Love), 1970
  • Karin Vergerus, Beroeringen (also known as The Touch) Cinerama/Twentieth Century-Fox, 1971
  • Herself, Ingmar Bergman (documentary), Svenska Filminstitutet, 1971
  • Britt Stagenlius, Mannen fraan andra sidan (also known as Chelovek s drugoi storoni and The Man from the Other Side), Columbia, 1972
  • Elsa Jacobsen, Afskedens timme (also known as The Hour of Parting), A/S Constantin, 1973
  • Katarina, Scener ur ett aektenskap (also known as Scenes from aMarriage), 1973 , released in the United States by Cinema V, 1974
  • Blanche Huysman, La Rivale (also known as The Rival and My Husband His Mistress and I), Lugo, 1974
  • Mitta, Blondy (also known as Vortex and Germicide),Lugo, 1975
  • Monique, Il pleut sur Santiago (also known as It Is Raining onSantiago), Films Marquise/Bulgarofilm, 1975
  • Dr. Fried, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, New World, 1977
  • Herself, A Look at Liv (also known as Norway's Liv Ullmann and Liv Ullmann's Norway), W.K. Kap Productions, 1977
  • Justices, 1978
  • Catherine Dumais, L'Amour en question (also known as Love in Question), Exportation Francaise Cinematographiqe/Silenes, 1978
  • Catherine Stockmann, An Enemy of the People, Warner Brothers, 1978
  • Ambrosia, Quintet, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1979
  • Francine, The Concorde--Airport '79 (also known as Airport'80--The Concorde, Airport '79, The Concorde Affair, The Concorde, and S.O.S. Concorde), Universal, 1979
  • Mother, Barnfoerbjudet (also known as The Elephant Walk, For Adults Only, Not for Children, and The Elephant), Svenska Filminstitutet, 1979
  • Laura, Twee vruowen (also known as Two Women, Twice a Woman, and Second Touch), Actueel, 1979
  • Anna-Berit, Marmeladupproret (also known as The Revolution Marmalade and The Marmalade Revolution), Svenska Filminstitutet, 1980
  • Siv Andersson, Jag rodnar (also known as I Blush and I'm Blushing), Svenska Filminstitutet, 1981
  • Prosperous Times, 1981
  • Ann-Charlotte Leffler, Berget paa maanens baksida (also known as A Hill on the Dark Side of the Moon), 1982 , released in the United States by Crystal, 1983
  • Margaret Carlson, Exposed, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1983
  • Simone Cambral, Svarte fugler (also known as Black Crows and Svarta faaglar), Europa, 1983
  • Viktor's wife, Sista leken (also known as The Last Summer and Viimeinen kesae), Jorn Donner, 1984
  • Singer, Huomenna (also known as Tomorrow), Kinosto, 1986
  • Gertrud, Pobre mariposa (also known as Poor Butterfly), Instituto Nacional de Cinematografia, 1986
  • Flower seller, Matador, Cinevista/World Artists, 1986
  • Ambassador Marie-Louise Wallen, Svart gryning (also known as Los duenos del silencio, The Owners of Silence, Why, Black Dawn, and Y), Hem Films, 1987
  • Swedish court lady-in-waiting, Babette's gastebud (also knownas Babette's Feast), Walter Manley, 1987
  • Tekla, Fordringsaegare (also known as Creditors), 1988
  • Una Estacion de paso (also known as A Passing Season and Whistle Stop), 1992
  • Victoria, Dromspel (also known as Dreamplay and Droemspel), 1994
  • Mother, Il Sogno della farfalla (also known as The Butterfly's Dream), 1994
  • Herself, I rollerna tre (also known as Lines from the Heart), 1996
  • Narrator, Achot K'tanah Achot G'dolah (also known as Little Big Sister), 1998
  • Herself, Ljuset haaller mig saellskap (also known as Light Keeps Me Company), 2000
  • Det blir aldrig som man taenkt sig (also known as Shit Happens), Buena Vista International, 2000
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Anne-Marie, Herr Sleeman komer, 1957
  • Eivor, Rabies, 1958
  • A tailor's daughter, Lilith, 1959
  • Mia, the daughter, Det laater som ett hjaerta, 1961
  • Muriel McComber, David's daughter, Ljuva ungdomstid, 1961
  • Viola, Trettondagsafton, 1967
  • Julie, Froeken Julie, 1969
  • Blanch DuBois, Linje lusta, 1981
  • Lydia, Savannen, 1983
  • Arkadina, Maasen, 1988
  • Haute tension--Secret de famille, 1990
  • Gloria, Till Julia, 1991
  • Birgitta, Blank paels och starka tassar, 1992
  • Miniseries
  • En daares foersvartal (also known as A Madman's Defense), Swedish television, 1976
  • Major von Dardel, Wallenberg: A Hero's Story, NBC, 1985
  • Mrs. Tidren, Laengtans blaaa blomma, 1998
  • Specials
  • Holga, After the Fall, NBC, 1974
  • World of Film, PBS, 1993
  • Also appeared in Miss Julie, Swedish television.
  • Radio Appearances
  • Rosette, "Vaentans tider," Swedish Radio Theatre, 1966

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