Ruth Ford Biography (1915-)

Full name, Ruth Elizabeth Ford; born July 7, 1915, in Hazelhurst, MS; daughter of Charles Lloyd (in the hotel business) and Gertrude (a painter; maiden name, Cato) Ford; married Peter Van Eyck (an actor), 1941 (divorced); married Zachary Scott (an actor), July 6, 1952 (died, 1965); children: one daughter (first marriage). Addresses: HOME--1 W. 72nd Street, New York, NY, 10023.

Favorite roles: Mrs. Gowan Stevens (Temple Drake) in Requiem for a Nun, Estelle in No Exit, and Lorraine in A Breeze from the Gulf.

Birth Details
July 7, 1915
Hazelhurst, Mississippi, United States

Famous Works

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