Stephen Allen Biography (1921-2000)

Full name, Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen; born December 26, 1921, in New York, NY; son of Carroll (a vaudeville performer, under stage name Billy Allen) and Isabelle (a vaudeville comedienne, under stage name Belle Montrose; maiden name, Donohue) Allen; married Dorothy Goodman (an actress), August23, 1943 (divorced, 1952); married Jayne Meadows (an actress and comedienne), July 31, 1954; children: (first marriage) Steve, Jr., Brian, David; (secondmarriage) William Christopher. Career: Comedian, actor, producer, composer, and writer. KOY-Radio, Phoenix, AZ, announcer, pianist, producer, andwriter, 1942-43; KFAC-Radio, Los Angeles, CA, announcer, c. 1944; KNX-Radio,Los Angeles, talk show host, 1947-50; Columbia Broadcasting System, New YorkCity, appeared on early evening talk shows, 1950-53; KMTR-Radio, Los Angeles,announcer. Appeared as a musician at The Blue Note and Michael's Pub, both New York City; performed with symphonies and pop orchestras around the UnitedStates. Meadowlane Enterprises, Inc., producer. Radford University, guest lecturer in history and philosophy, 1986; chair, Council for Media Integrity (awatchdog group), 1994-?. Military service: U.S. Army, 1942 (some sources say 1943). Awards, Honors: Award for best television documentary onorganized crime, New York City Board of Trade, 1953, for The Commandment; Sylvania Award, words and music, 1954, for The Bachelor; Emmy Award nominations, best continuing performance by a male personality, best series performance by a person who essentially plays himself, both 1956, and bestactor in a musical or variety series, all for The Steve Allen Show; SANE Education Fund/Consider the Alternatives Peace Award, Consider the Alternatives Productions, 1962; Grammy Award, best jazz composition, and Grammy Award nomination, best instrumental theme, 1963, for "Gravy Waltz"; George FosterPeabody Broadcasting Award, television, Henry W. Grady School of Journalismand Mass Communication, University of Georgia, Television Critics Circle Award, Encyclopaedia Britannica Award, and Film Advisory Board Award, all1977-78, Emmy Award nomination, program achievement, special class, 1979, andEmmy Award nomination, best writing for a drama series, all for A Meetingof the Minds; Best Play Award nomination, 1978, for The Wake; Grammy Award nomination, best spoken word or non-musical recording, 1983, for Everything You Wanted to Know about Home Computers; Emmy Award nomination, best host of a talk or service show, 1984, for Stooge Snapshots: 50 Years with the Funniest Guys in the World; included in Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific composer of modern times, 1984; Emmy Award, inducted into Television Hall of Fame, 1986; Emmy Award nomination, bestguest performer in a drama series, 1986, for St. Elsewhere; AmericanComedy Award, lifetime achievement, George Schlatter Productions, 1987; American Book Award, educational materials, Before Columbus Foundation, 1988, forShakin' Loose with Mother Goose; Emmy Award nomination, individual achievement in religious programming, for Wait Till We're 65. Addresses: Contact: 15201 Burbank Blvd., Suite B, Van Nuys, CA 91411.

Comedian, Actor, Producer, Composer, Writer
Birth Details
December 26, 1921
New York, New York, United States
Death Details
October 30, 2000
Encino, California

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